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Pestalozzi World

PestalozziWorld holds a significant place with Edulution as a flagship sponsor partner. We began a pilot program in January 2014 at Pestalozzi Education Centre. When we saw its potential, we tested our first Mobile Learning Centre at PestalozziWorld’s Kasisi boarding site 30km from Lusaka.​

Family Legacy

At Family Legacy schools in 5 compounds around Lusaka, Edulution is offering our program to 1500 children from Grades 4-9. Each child is receiving 3 hours of lessons on our numeracy or literacy foundational courses. Learners are able to work at their own pace, supported by our coaches...

Project Luangwa

More than 600 km east of Zambia’s capital city on the edge of the famous South Luangwa National Park, Edulution has embarked upon its third cluster of rural centres. Edulution serves 1200 learners from Grades 3-12 at 4 schools surrounding the Mfuwe community.

Linda School Community

Linda Community School, located 30km south of Lusaka currently has 600 learners registered on our alpha foundational course. Each learner is scheduled for a 2 hour session weekly. During these sessions; learners use playlists that direct them to maths exercises and videos to support their learning journey...

Childfund International

In July 2018 ChildFund International in Zambia joined hands in partnership with Edulution to reach out to four Community based schools, Tiyanjane, Cobet, Valentine and Love in Chawama, a district of Lusaka to provide foundational maths to 300 learners from Grade 4 – 7.

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