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Edulution Numeracy Programme
South Africa

South Africa’s education system is in crisis. Learners in public schools are often several years behind their grade level, and the Covid-19 pandemic has further exacerbated an already dire situation


64% of the nation’s youth remain unemployed, and school drop-out rates compound year on year. Edulution’s mission is to break this cycle


South Africa Edulution Learners

Edulution has developed a way of using unemployed youth
to educate the next generation and in one
solution, attend to
two of the biggest problems in the developing world today

South African Edulution Learner

In 2023, our blended E-Learning Platform has over 8,200 Learners on the programme, which is facilitated by 66 formerly unemployed youth working as Coaches


Our innovative technology also effectively engages teachers, helping them gain relevant ICT skills

The 25 Centres are scattered in Mpumalanga & KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with plans to expand to Limpopo in 2024

In 2023, we started to include teachers in the Numeracy Programme 
to adapt to the growing need to prepare entire Schools
to adopt blended E-Learning Programmes 


7,200 active monthly Learners achieved a 116% annual rate of improvement. Continuous independent evaluations attest to these results


South Africa Impact Data 2022 Edulution

Our Coaches are our greatest assets, our "secret sauce" to
delivering our blended E-Learning Platform

Edulution Coaches with their certificates

Our Coaches who facilitate centre sessions are our greatest assets, inspiring the children and positively contributing to their local communities


They are expertly trained and work to maximise opportunities for Learners, striving to meet key performance targets in the process


Part of our Learning Platform is the evidence-based analytics system that informs all our stakeholders and calculates Coach commissions based on the Learners’ activity and performance

Edulution South Africa has launched its first
service implementation partnership with Penreach

Following our new Strategy Towards Sustainability, Edulution South Africa has launched its first service implementation partnership with Penreach - a highly regarded NGO known for its provision of quality education, local knowledge and grassroot expertise


Edulution has begun to commercialise the Numeracy Platform; by codifying, packaging, and partnering with public and private implementation service providers


We hope to continue this new venture to ensure the solution’s long term sustainability and wider impact


We are looking for new partners in South Africa 


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