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We believe that our ‘road-tested’ Learning Platform has the potential to transform the lives of millions of Learners

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Edulution Learners holding up their certificates

Our eight years working in diverse and challenging environments, the maturation of our proven, effective and scalable model, a growing family of credible funders and increasingly strong relationships with governments, some of whom are beginning to fund us, put us in a credible position to be part of the solution that will 

transform learning


To ensure our Learning Platform is truly scalable, we have launched our 
Strategy Towards Sustainability 


Edulution Learners in South Africa with their Coach after school

1. ​A robust, scalable, and effective platform

that others can implement

2. Promotion of the solution into the education

system and government budgets, thus enabling

the solution to be delivered as a common good

Learning Crisis &
Youth Unemployment

90% of the world’s youth live in developing countries. 80% are poorly educated with limited

economic prospects


The growing number of undereducated, unskilled and unemployed youth is hindering long-term economic and social progress in the developing world

Edulution Learners on their way to school

The Problem 


(1) Learning Crisis

(2) Youth Unemployment Crisis

Our Solution

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A new Learning Platform that enables effective learning & local job opportunities

Edulution Origins

In 2015, Edulution was born out of a desire to prove that technology can be harnessed to create a highly effective, low-cost way of giving Africa’s most underserved children an opportunity to bridge the attainment gap between them and their wealthier peers

Edulution Learners holding up Edulution tablets

From a few centres in Lusaka, Zambia, Edulution has grown over the last eight years and we have utilised our evolving Learning Platform to run effective digital education pilots in Zambia, Namibia, and South Africa, reaching over 50,000 Learners 

We have a strong set of organisational values that serve as our guiding principles:

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Meet the team 

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