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Numeracy Programme

We have tested the Learning Platform
by delivering the Numeracy Programme to Primary School Learners in Zambia, South Africa and Namibia 

In 2022, the Edulution Numeracy Programme helped 33% of 18,500 Learners reach their Grade level

Numeracy Programme Zambia 

In Zambia, only 10% of Primary School children have foundational learning skills, which directly impacts on their future economic prospects and compounds on the already very high youth unemployment rate

Edulution opened its first centre in 2015. Facing numerous challenges - not least a global pandemic that closed schools across the country - Edulution persevered

In 2022 we operated in 31 schools and served 8,500 Learners. Remarkably, Edulution Learners improve on average by 127% each year. Reaching more children is our priority; to actualise their dreams and build a brighter future

Zambian Edulution Learners holding up their tablet

Numeracy Programme South Africa 

Coach exchanging ideas about learner progress

South African schools are underperforming, and 64% of the nation’s youth are unemployed - painting a bleak picture for the next generation of school graduates


Edulution has partnered with the South African Innovation Fund, and is proactively collaborating with various government departments to ensure our solution is funded by the public sector 


At its heart, Edulution is a human development organisation. Accountable, innovative coaches are our secret sauce. Our Coach retention rate of 86% is testament to this. We are in search of partners willing to collaborate and invest in the futures of South Africa’s youth

Numeracy Programme Namibia 

Edulution grew from its humble beginnings across Zambia, Namibia and South Africa; reaching 20,000 children each month living in rural and urban areas


Although our Namibia pilot produced positive results in retention and Grade level improvements, we were not able to turn the Namibian Government into a long-term partner

Government partnerships are fundamental to our 'Strategy Towards Sustainability'. Thus, operations closed in 2022, allowing Edulution to focus on long-term partnerships in Zambia and South Africa

Namibian Edulition Team
Coach explaining the benefits of the Numeracy Programme

Bronze Coach, Zambia

"I feel blessed to be among the Edulution coaches that are lending a helping hand to our future leaders of Zambia. The best part of coaching is seeing learners move from dependent to self-directed."

Meet our partners that support our Programme 

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