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Pestalozzi World

Pestalozzi Alumni returning to their communities as coaches

PestalozziWorld holds a significant place with Edulution as a flagship sponsor partner. We began a pilot program in January 2014 at Pestalozzi Education Centre. When we saw its potential, we tested our first Mobile Learning Centre at PestalozziWorld’s Kasisi boarding site 30km from Lusaka. 

In May of 2016, we launched our programme in Luangwa Valley where 1800 rural children are registered on the program. In March 2017, more rural sites were opened in Lundazi District located in Zambia’s Eastern Province. Many PestalozziWorld alumni have joined our ‘Change Tribe’ as coaches, returning to their rural villages where they were originally selected as children for the PestalozziWorld scholarship. A neat virtuous circle indeed!


Kasisi, Pestalozzi Education Centre, Luangwa, Lundazi


Centres & Learners:

4200 learner doing 1 to 3 hours a week (300 Kassisi, 1800 Luangwa, 2100 Lundazi)

Program Objectives:

Foundational math skills to support Grade 3 through grade 12

Numeracy and Literacy Courses:

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie foundational courses

Location & Sponsor Partner:



Sponsor Model:

Pay for Progress


6 centres in the Luangwa Valley mark Edulution’s first completely rural, off-line, off-grid solution. Mwalilila, Mwavi and Kaunga were opened in April, with Mankhokwe and Mangelegele later following. Katondwe opened in January 2017. In total, 1800 children are served from Grades 3-9 in collaboration with local schools, the community and the Ministry of Education.


All the tablets and technology for our mobile learning centres are charged by solar power at various hubs, the coaches reach the centres by bicycle, venturing as far as 8km away. The success of this location has provided Edulution with the confidence to expand to other rural areas in Zambia.

Kasisi Village

At Kasisi, a small community based 30km from Lusaka, we are serving approximately 300 children from the Pestalozzi Village, the Kasisi Orphanage and the local surrounding community. Our coaches, armed with their mobile learning centres, operate between the sites, the furthest being a 5km bike ride away.


Kasisi was where it all began for Edulution and has been the forerunner of several projects. Our objective is for our learners to emerge at least functionally literate in maths.Watch this 3 minute documentary that tells a story about Coach Mulenga and a student called Prosper who within 6 months went from knowing very little about maths to being functionally numerate.


Nearing the edge of Zambia’s Eastern border with Malawi, 7 centres at Lumezi, Sikatengwa, Msuzi, Lundazi (2), Mphamba and Luamphamba Primary Schools mark Edulution’s second cluster of rural centres.


In early 2018, more than 2100 learners in the Lundazi area were registered on the program and are loving it!


PestalozziWorld alumni who were born from the area are heading up these centres and ‘giving-back’ to the communities they hailed from, resulting in a full circle effect Edulution is proud to be a part of.

Luangwa Teacher, Mr. Saina

"Edulution allows me to evaluate my teaching and helps to ensure that my students have learned the basics."

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