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Edulution Numeracy

Patson began his education at Linda Community School, Lusaka, Zambia. This township was plagued by social unrest and unemployment, and like so many other children, Patson dropped out of

school at an early age

Luckily, his teachers convinced him to return and enrolled him in the Edulution Programme. With this support, Patson achieved the top marks in his class in the final exams. After graduating from Secondary School, he returned as an Edulution Coach himself to give back to his community


In 2023, Patson enrolled with a full scholarship at the University of Zambia. Patson is just one example of the many life-transforming stories of the

Numeracy Programme

Coach Patson with Zambian Learners

In a society where only 10% of children have foundational learning skills (UNICEF), Edulution can be the difference between a child dropping out early or staying safely in school and graduating with better prospects

We opened our first centre in Zambia in 2015. The rural centres are spread over 1,200 km from centres close to the Malawian border in the east to centres in a refugee camp in Western Zambia


The Centres are hosted in a variety of spaces; government and community schools, church halls run by rural communities and faith-based schools


The majority of Learners on the programme come from families earning less than $2 a day. They frequently suffer food scarcity and many travel long distances to schools


More than 50% of centres have no access to power and are supported
solar equipment installed and managed by Edulution

2022 Zambia Impact Data Edulution

In 2022, Edulution Zambia Learners achieved 1,048,544 contact hours, with a retention rate of 66% and an average rate of improvement of 127%


We have provided meaningful work to 78 formally unemployed youth as our Coaches in 31 schools across the country, where possible working in their local communities

Edulution encourages both our Learners and Coaches to dream. We are firm believers that investing in Zambia’s youth is an investment in Zambia’s future


We are looking for new partners and funders to support the

Edulution Numeracy Programme in Zambia

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