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We opened our first centre in Zambia in 2015. There are 38 centres in 6 clusters, equally distributed between inner-city townships and rural locations. The rural centres are spread over 1,200km from centres close to the Malawian border in the east to centres in a refugee camp in Western Zambia.


Centres are hosted in a variety of spaces; government and community schools, church halls run by rural communities and faith-based schools. The majority of learners on the program come from families earning less than $2 a day. They frequently suffer food scarcity and many travel long distances to schools.


More than 50% of centres have no access to power and are supported by solar equipment installed and managed by Edulution.


The centres are grouped in geographic clusters


  • Kafue: Holy Saviour, Railside, St John the Baptist, St Joseph

  • Luangwa: Katondwe, Kuanga Primary, Kuanga Secondary, Mangelengele, Mankhokwe, Mwalilia, Mwavi

  • Lundazi: Luamphamba, Lumezi, Mphamba, Msuzi, Lundazi Primary (numeracy), Lundazi Primary (literacy) Sikatengwa

  • Lusaka: Pestalozzi Education Cente, Pestalozzi Village, SOS Lusaka

  • Lusaka Central: Chibolya, George, Kanyama, Linda Community School, Bauleni, Chianda, Chaisa, Kasangula, Mtendere

  • Lusaka Outreach: Kasisi, Vera Chilluba

  • Mayukwayukwa: Kububu, Mayukwayukwa Primary (numeracy), Mayukwayukwa Primary (literacy), Shibanga

  • Mfuwe: Chiwawatala, Kapita-Nsefu, Mfuwe Primary, Mfuwe Primary 2, Mfuwe Secondary, Mfuwe Secondary 2