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Blended E-Learning Platform

The Edulution Learning Platform has four

major components:

     1. Robust Technology
     2. Data & Analytics
     3. Engaging Content

     4. Coaches (Locally Employed Youth)

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Cost effective, robust hardware that is configured for rapid deployment and use in remote rural areas, and that works offline and offgrid. Read more about our Tech solution in our Annual Report 2022



A powerful Monitoring and Evaluation

system that can:

  • Track Learner & centre progress  

  • Provide coaches with actionable data

  • Identify problem areas for focused intervention

  • Analyse Learner assessments for M&E  

  • Calculate outcome funding & commissions 



A versatile Learning Management System used to present course content to Learners, for them to engage with at their own pace


Economically incentivised Coaches
(locally recruited, unemployed youth) 
that provide the necessary human dimension to unlock the Platform's potential


Effective Learning Requires:

• Actively engaged Learners, who
• Work at their own pace,
• Achieve mastery before progressing, and
• Work in a fun and supportive environment


BUSINESS MODEL 0323 (1).png
Learner in South Africa explaining the benfits of the Numeracy Programme

Learner, South Africa

"I am so thankful for Edulution. Being in the Programme has helped me become really good at maths and win all these competitions for my school.
I love the Change Tribe!"

Learn how the Numeracy Programme deploys

the Learning Platform 

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