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ChildFund International

Creating Educated and confident children in the Chawama District of Lusaka

In July 2018 ChildFund International in Zambia joined hands in partnership with Edulution to reach out to four Community based schools, Tiyanjane, Cobet, Valentine and Love in Chawama, a district of Lusaka to provide foundational maths to 300 learners from Grade 4 – 7. 


The learners attending these schools come from vulnerable homes in the Chawama area where the parents contribute a nominal amount towards school fees and these funds are utilised to pay the teachers and sustain the school property.


Chawama district of Lusaka 


Learners on Program:

300 students doing 3 hours per week


Program Objectives:

Foundational math skills to support Grade 4 - Grade 7


Numeracy and Literacy Courses:

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie foundational courses


Location & Sponsor Partner:

ChildFund International


Sponsor Model:

Pay for Progress


Chawama learners are responding positively to our program and the schools management is being very supportive since our start in July 2018. Learners come freely to morning or afternoon sessions each week for 3 hours at a time when they do not attend their regular schools sessions in the community. We are very proud of how quickly our coaches have been embraced by the learners, parents and teachers of the Chawama community.

Student, Joyce

“So happy to be the first maths game winner."

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