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Our success is based on our ability to bring together a network of stakeholders - Outcome Funders, Impact Investors, Foundations, NGOs, Ministries of Education, Education Specialists, Principals, Teachers and Technology Providers


Beyond the initial impact of (1) educating learners and (2) employing youth, our stakeholders are incubating an entire system change for education in the developing world


Funding Primary and Secondary Impacts - Pestalozzi Partnership (7).png

Alexander Lanz
Managing Director, Happel Foundation

Edulution is impressive from many perspectives. The Hub team and the Coaches (the 'change tribe’) are united in purpose and bound in empowering values. The effectiveness of the human development model at Edulution is clear at all levels of the organisation. I was impressed with the consistency of quality at each Centre and the self-belief in the Coaches which empowers them to operate in challenging conditions

Michael Wray Founder of Edulution

Michael Wray
Edulution Founder

"We are encouraged and grateful that our strategic pivot has the blessing and support of our existing funders. As we embark on this next chapter more funding is required and we wish to keep expanding our partnership network. Please reach out to us to find out how you can support or collaborate with us"

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