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How our learners improve in numeracy


How our Learners acquire digital skills & important life skills


How our coaches become accountable, responsible, caring leaders in their communities


How we bring together Funders, Sponsors, Ministries of Education, Principals, Teachers and Parents to collectively  work towards better  learning outcomes

What we measure

Internal Evaluation

impact - numeracy & literacy
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Independent Evaluations 

Data recording and analysis are critical to measuring and demonstrating Edulution’s impact. We record every login, minute spent on educational games and numeracy and literacy exercise completed.

In an independent evaluation by the Swiss Educational Innovation Network (SNBI) in 2020 it was found that Edulution learners outperformed their peers in mathematics by 23 percentile ranks. 

Read the Report >

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SNBI Zambia 2020 Report


2022 Annual Report

SSA & SA Report.jpg

2022 SSA & SA Report

Provisional Midline Independent Evaluaiton Edulution

Provisional Midline Independent Evaluation SA Results 0922

Our Learners acquire digital skills & important life skills


Each learner learns works on a tablet - developing digital literacy skills that are essential for participating in the fourth industrial revolution. Our numeracy programs are in English so learners also improve their English literacy skills, another essential ingredient to participating in today’s global economy.


Our learners become independent, confident, self-directed individuals who can work at their own pace. Teachers comment on the changes they see in learners after just 6 months of after-school numeracy sessions. Their confidence improves, they engage more in the class room and they work harder in all subjects.

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We support our learners by providing them with a simple meal and access to clean water. Effective learning cannot happen on an empty stomach or when someone is thirsty.

Our Coaches become accountable, responsible leaders in their communities

We train our young coaches to have the skills, knowledge and insights to facilitate effective learning and crucially to grow as young adults and to be leaders in their communities.

We are passionate about developing people.

We employ previously unemployed youth from the local community to be our coaches or members of our support HUB’s. We recruit one new coach for every 120 learners who join our program.


As far as possible, our coaches are recruited from the communities they serve.

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impact - create emplyment

Our impact on communities requires collaboration and advocacy

We are positively impacting the marginalised communities.

Our mobile learning centres and technology are designed to operate and scale in harsh environments off the electricity grid and essentially offline.


We can serve remote, isolated communities such as the refugee camp we serve in North Western Zambia.

Educators see us as helping them better deliver their curriculum objectives.

Coaches and Hub staff help raise awareness among parents about the importance of numeracy and literacy.

Efforts are made to align with the school curriculum and support the exam periods.

98% of principals at the schools we operate at would recommend Edulution to other schools.

We provide a safe, fun and supported environment for effective learning.

Children learn best when they feel safe and are in a fun and supported environment. The environments our learners come from are not always safe and life can be very hard for them.


Our coaches understand their communities well and all attend Child Protection training.  Their Edulution training equips them to create a safe, engaging space for learning.


As part of our advocacy efforts with the community, we regularly check in with Principals, teachers and parents to ensure that we are delivering on our mission while living the Edulution values.

impact - communities
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