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In line with our values and economic model, we strongly believe in the power of data as a critical driver for the continuous improvement of our

Learning Platform

Programme Impact

How we measure our impact:


Our powerful internal Monitoring and Evaluation system tracks Learner Performance & Coach deployment giving us real time actionable data to monitor & improve what we do

Independent Evaluations

To validate the efficacy of the Learning Platform over time, we invite experts to independently evaluate and report on our programmes


Through surveys, we gather information regarding human development outcomes, as well as Learners, Coaches, and school managements' opinions of our programme’s efficacy

Who we impact:

Learners Learning Edulution
Coaches Edulution
Zambian Learners
South African Learners in the classroom
Ms Dlamini giving a speech






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Every Learner on the Numeracy Programme has a private login,

and we can track their performance on our M&E system. In 2022:

Learner Group Results.png

Independent Evaluations 

To validate our Learning Platform efficacy, we also invite experts to conduct independent evaluations

The Swiss Educational Innovation Network (SNBI) in 2020 found that Edulution Learners outperformed their peers in national mathematics exams by 23 percentile ranks, and also improved in all other subjects


In March 2023, an Independent Evaluation conducted by Brombacher & Associates with 666 learners at 5 schools in KwaZulu-Natal showed that Edulution Learners, after only 2 years on the programme, outperformed the Control groups by 47-59%  

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2020 SNBI

Zambia Report >


Through our content information management system, we upload surveys that appear on the Learner tablets


In 2022, 12,800 Learners in Namibia and South Africa participated in the surveys, with overall positive results to the questions posed:

Learner Survey.png


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Coaches have a fantastic career opportunity at Edulution. They can follow a clear career path:

Assistant Coach > Bronze > Silver > Gold Coach > Field Coordinator 

We employ previously unemployed youth from the local communities to be our Coaches or members of our support hubs. Coaches are frequently referred to us by our partner organisations.


Our Coaches also have a login to the M&E system and are using the dashboards to identify problem areas. In 2022:


Read more about our Human Development success in

our recent Impact Story

More questions about our M&E?

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