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Our USPs

Edulution's unique Learning Platform has a variety of features that sets it apart from other learning platforms 

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Employ Local Youth 

We employ, train and deploy young coaches within three months of recruitment. All our coaches come from the local communities we serve and are often referred to us through partner organisations

Facilitated Learning 

Edulution Coaches focus on facilitating a self-paced learning journey. Guiding and encouraging learners to reach mastery before moving on to the next level 

Data & Analytics

Edulution built its own in-house M&E system that tracks learner performance, coach commissions, deployment, stock and so much more. The data also informs our operations and stakeholders  

Economic Model

Edulution has set in place an outcome funding model, where funders are charged & coaches are paid based on the activity & performance of the learners

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Offline & Offgrid

A unique feature of the the Learning Platform is its ability to operate offline &
offgrid in challenging environments

Remote Rural Areas

Our platform can reach communities that have previously been left behind and ’help them access opportunities previously unavailable to them

Deployed in 3 Countries

The Learning Platform was originally launched in Zambia in 2015, later expanding to Namibia in 2019, and South Africa in 2021. We believe that our 'road-tested' platform can truly transformthe developing world

Independently Validated

We believe that our solution can truly change learning, and therefore we regularly invite independent experts to validate our impact results and centre operation

Edulution Coach passing certificate to Learner

Silver Coach South Africa

"I am passionate about adding value to the Learners in something I am excited about (maths) while creating a fun environment - coaching presents precisely that opportunity for me"

Read more about the major components of our Platform

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