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Linda Community School

Creating hope through education on the outskirts of Lusaka, sponsored by Propel Education

Linda Community School, located 30km south of Lusaka currently has 600 learners registered on our alpha foundational course. Each learner is scheduled for a 2 hour session weekly. During these sessions; learners use playlists that direct them to maths exercises and videos to support their learning journey as well as play fun games with their coaches.


Initially students from Grades 5 to 9 have been registered with future plans of bringing early learning material for younger grades. PestalozziWorld were the pilot sponsor partners until March 2017 when friends of Linda Community School took on sponsorship of the program. Our ‘Pay for Progress’ model is used which means sponsors are only billed for student hours actually logged and delivered.

Centre Locations:

Linda Community School, Linda Compound, South Lusaka

Learners on Program:

600 students doing 3 hours per week

Program Objectives:

Foundational Maths Skills to support Grade 5 through Grade 9

Numeracy and Literacy Courses:

Alpha and Bravo foundational courses

Location & Sponsor Partner:

Propel and Linda Donors

Sponsor Model:

Pay for Progress

Pat Bergin, Propel Education, Sponsor

"The coaches work well with the teaching faculty which is key to the overall effectiveness of the program".

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