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Our vision is to transform learning for millions in the developing world through effective partnerships

Our facilitated blended e-learning solution operates offline & offgrid in rural areas & townships


To date, Edulution has supported over 60,000 learners in Southern

An innovative Learning Platform (6).png

An innovative Learning Platform

designed for the developing world and powered by technology, data

& incentivised youth coaches


Edulution has created a robust & scalable blended E-Learning Platform that can be deployed in various contexts

We've used the Platform ourselves to deliver a maths programme in three different countries to validate the efficacy of the solution

To scale in pursuit of our vision, we are further codifying and packaging the solution for third parties to implement

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Founded in 2015

Teacher giving a recommendation of the Edulution Platform

Doreen Nzila,
Headteacher, Linda School, Zambia

"Edulution is one of the best things to happen to our School. It has provided a foundation for children to progress into Secondary School. We have seen a dramatic increase in examination Pass grades: from 10% to 70%"

We are looking for new partners to help us realise our
Strategy towards Sustainability

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