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The most effective way to create change is to collaborate with like-minded people. Thank you to all our supporters – Outcome Funders, Donors and collaborators. Without your generous support Edulution would not be able to make the difference it does. 


PestalozziWorld is a Swiss Foundation that has supported Edulution from the very beginning. They provide outcome funding for many of our rural centres in Zambia. PestalozziWorld selects talented children from impoverished backgrounds in remote rural areas and refugee camps. When they complete their ‘head, heart and hands’ education many become Edulution coaches who return to their communities to ignite learning - a neat virtuous circle! Read more...

The Happel Foundation is a Swiss charitable foundation that focuses on (amongst other things) fighting poverty in developing countries. They are supporting Edulution in 3 ways: outcome funding for expansion in Zambia, outcome funding for our start up in Namibia and working capital to fund our expansion into new geographies and markets. We are delighted to have them in the tribe!

Vitol first began making charitable grants in 2002 and established the Vitol Foundation in 2006. The Vitol Foundation aims to help children and families living in deprivation to escape the cycle of poverty and fulfil their human potential.

Family Legacy is a US faith-based organisation committed to making a difference in the lives of orphans in Zambia. Family Legacy manages 17 Legacy Academy schools across Lusaka sponsoring thousands of young girls and boys to school from Grades 1-12 in low income communities. Family Legacy is the location and sponsor partner for Academies in Bauleni, Chaisa, Mtendere and Chainda. Read more...

Project Luangwa was founded in September 2009 by the Safari Operators of South Luangwa National Park in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Their aim is to educate the community to reduce their negative impact on the environment and its wildlife. Edulution serves more than 1,500 learners on the maths program in Mfuwe Primary and Secondary, Kapita and Nsefu schools located less than 30 km from the entrance of the South Luangwa National Park. Read more...

Propel Education is an NPO that uses newly developed and technologically advanced education programmes at underprivileged schools in the developing world, helping to accelerate the learners rate of learning and propel them out of the cycle of poverty. Linda Open Community School was opened in 1994. The purpose was to assist the most vulnerable population of Lusaka by providing primary school education. Read more...

As a truly African company employing more than 6,200 people in various business sectors, the Ohlthaver & List Group is rooted in, and committed to, Africa and all her people. Wherever it operates, this diverse group is actively engaged in uplifting the lives of its employees, its consumers, and society generally.

Pupkewitz Holdings is one of Namibia’s oldest companies. Caring for communities is as important to as their role as market leaders by serving their customer's needs. The Pupkewitz Foundation has adopted a broad based approach within areas where real needs exist, primarily in community care, educational endeavours and environmental initiatives.

The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust directs the Corporate Social Investment (CSI) activities for the FirstRand Group. The Group strives to be the best Namibian financial services provider, to the best people and to create a Better World for all whose lives they touch. The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust invests in programmes that focus on Educational and Financial Literacy, Community and Health Development, Environmental Guardianship, Skills & Capacity Development, Sports & Development, and Arts & Culture.  


Everything Qlik’s technology accomplishes for businesses – all the ways it helps them make sense of complex information and get better at what they do – can be leveraged to help non-profit organizations drive positive change in the world. That’s why Qlik donates time, software, and services to initiatives that improve society. Qlik has been a proud sponsor of Edulution since 2016

JPMorgan Chase & Co is a leading financial services and technology firm that believes that technology can be used for social good and produce positive social impact. Via their Force For Good Program, The technology community at JPMorgan volunteered their time and expertise to help develop innovative solutions to the some of technical challenges we face at Edulution. We are very grateful for the amazing work they produced.

GIT are proud sponsors of Edulution and have provided free licenses of its software to Edulution. GIT is an outstanding component based accounting software company who boast many international and prestigious brands as their clients. Their software enables us to scale far more easily.


The support of the Namibian Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture was crucial for the launch of the Edulution pilot in Namibia in 2019. It would not be possible to run our learning centres without the Ministry’s support and that of the Principals and the Teachers of the schools in which we operate. We are grateful to our government partners for walking this journey with us.

The Zambian Ministry of General Education, the DEBS, the Principals and the Teachers of the schools in which we operate support Edulution’s mission to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of primary school learners. It would not be possible to run our learning centres without their support. We are grateful to our government partners for walking this journey with us.

Based in San Diego, California, Learning Equality is committed to enabling every person to have a quality education by creating educational resources and supportive tools. We work closely with the Learning Equality team in software development, and deploy their technical solutions as part of our model.


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