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Announcement: Group CEO

We welcome Richard Akwei, Edulution's new Group CEO replacing Michael Wray, Edulution's founder

After 8 years at the helm, Michael Wray the founder of Edulution is transitioning the Group CEO role into the capable and experienced hands of Richard Akwei effective July 1st 2023.

Michael remains an integral part of the strategic service team and this transition will enable him to dedicate more of his time to development, international partnerships and advisory to the different functional teams in the organisation.

African leadership of African initiatives is an important element of Edulution’s vision and the timing of this change aligns perfectly with our strategic pivot towards sustainability. In our next phase Edulution is scaling its impact through private and public sector partnerships which requires bringing together many different local stakeholders - funders, governments, educators and collaborating partners. Having a skilled and experienced African CEO who knows the market and environment Edulution operates is now, more than ever, a critical component to our success.

Richard Akwei brings over 30 years of experience in developed and emerging market financial services and has served in multiple leadership roles. He has been a member of the Edulution Strategic Services Team since 2019 and has been instrumental in the Namibia and South Africa market entries and played an important role in devising our current strategy.

Edulution’s strategy for its path to scale and sustainability encompasses;

  • Partnering with governments, foundations, funders, collaborating partners & educators

  • Industrialising a robust platform for public and private implementation partners to use

  • Accelerating centre expansion through licensee or implementing partners

  • Diversifying product offerings to development agencies and low income private schools

  • Collaborations with strategic partners

  • Securing more funding from foundations, impact investors, bi-lateral agencies and governments

Michael Wray has been working with Richard on this transition since February and said that:

‘I have to say how impressed I have been with Richard. And I’m not alone in this view - it's held at all levels of the organisation from the board, the strategic services team and the hub and coach teams in Zambia and South Africa. The Edulution project is both ambitious and challenging and I think we are lucky and blessed that Richard decided to take on this role’

Please join us in welcoming Richard into his new role in this exciting moment of Edulution’s development. We thank Michael for his cardinal service to the organisation he envisioned and made a reality and glad he continues serving us in his modified role.


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