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Edulution Signs 3-Year MoU with the Zambian Ministry of Education

Edulution Zambia and the Zambian Directorate of Open and Distance Education (DODE), part of the Zambian Ministry of Education, signed a new and important three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Friday, 1st December 2023, to continue facilitating the Edulution Programme at primary schools. 

The Zambian Ministry of Education ‘recognises alternative approaches to schooling, including’ Information Communication and Technology (ICT) enabled learning’ to ‘provide quality, lifelong education for all that is accessible, inclusive and relevant to individual, national and global needs and value systems’ - hence, it is with great excitement that Edulution signed an agreement with DODE, with their complementary goals to transform the accessibility and quality of education in Zambia. 

Edulution opened its first centre in Lusaka, Zambia, in 2015. Today, rural centres are spread across 1200 km - from centres close to the Malawian border in the east to centres in a refugee camp in Western Zambia near the border with Angola. In 2022, Edulution delivered 1,048,544 total contact hours and achieved a Learner retention rate of 66% and an average rate of improvement of 127%. This year, Edulution Zambia served over 6,800  Learners - results will be shared in the upcoming 2023 Annual Report.

Edulution and the Zambian Directorate of Open and Distance Education have agreed to:

  • Increase the scale of the program to enable greater numbers of learners to benefit from improved math’s results,  self-directed learning attitude, and the adoption of ICT skills

  • Establish a teacher-coach partnership that will improve teacher math’s and ICT skills, and provide teachers with the tools to address learner skills gaps

  • Provide access to Edulution’s data analytics platform, ongoing training and the establishment of mutually agreed Key Performance Indicators 

  • Establish a Program Management Team (PMT) consisting of the Zambian Directorate of Open and Distance Education (DODE) staff, Edulution, other implementation partners, and educational experts to support the implementation of the Edulution Programme.

  • Participate in the marketing and publicity of the Program and the subsequent Program launches and the management of public relations.

  • Increase public school funding as a result of a more sustainable and scalable business model while addressing youth employment


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