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Annual Report 2022

We're excited to share our 2022 Annual Report with you. Here are the major highlights: Edulution 2022

  • Launched our Statetegy towards Sustainability with capacity building initiatives initiated

  • Revenue funding increased by 54% to $2.1M with 18'300 active learners on the platform

  • Gained new stakeholders, including mc2h (Swiss) Get it Done Foundation (SA)

  • For the last 7 years our compound annual growth rate has been 44% and our funder retention rate 94%

  • Strengthened relationships with the public sector partners including the Dept. of Basic Education (DBE) and the Innovation Fund

  • The commencement pilot project with Penreach NPC as our new implementation partner in Mpumalanga, SA

  • SA underwent an extensive review of the DBE and Brombacher & Associates to align Edulution content with the local curriculum

Edulution Maths Catch-up Programme

  • 44,000 Learners impacted to date

  • 71 Learning Centres

  • 18,300 Active Monthly Learners in Zambia, Namibia and South Africa

  • Over 200 formally unemployed youth, trained & employed as Edulution Coaches

  • 122% Learner improvement achieved

  • 26% caught up to their grade level

Read the full report >

Edulution Annual Report 2022
Download PDF • 5.14MB


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