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Transforming Learning

Engaging in numeracy, literacy and digital content, our learners work at their own pace to achieve mastery.

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The Edulution Challenge

African countries with rapidly growing populations are struggling to educate their young people.  In sub-Saharan Africa, only 64% of primary school teachers have the minimum required training. 17 million new teachers are needed by 2030. 

The Challenge

The Edulution Program

Edulution enables learners to master essential numeracy, literacy and digital skills by using a unique mix of technology, enterprising coaches and evidence-based analytics. Read more…

Our Impact to date...

More than 13 000 learners in Zambia and Namibia show an average annual rate of improvement of 90% on Edulution's numeracy program. Over 100 youth have been recruited and trained to be Coaches.

The Program

The Impact

Scott Hamilton, Social Entrepreneur and co-Founder of KIPP Foundation

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting three of your Luangwa centres and seeing Thomas Mwale and six of his coaches in action. Wow! Truly impressive. Having had some experience with digital learning as well as understanding the power of organisational culture in achieving high growth goals in learning, I was thrilled to see them in action, especially so far from urbanity...with students who are just as able as their more urbane or advantaged peers yet so poorly served by their schools.

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Join the Change Tribe

As a sponsor you only fund learner hours actually delivered. There is zero delivery risk - a rarity for a development project. Our accountability, transparency, comprehensive reporting and data analytics give funders, sponsors and investors 100% confidence that they have directly contributed to effective learning, employment and entrepreneurship.






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