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We're proud to be supported by lots of amazing companies and people who dedicate time, expertise and money to help us nurture much-needed numeracy, literacy and digital skills in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Become a Sponsor

Become A Sponsor

You can provide outcome funding for a specific learning centre, or you can provide flexible funding to help us grow as an organisation and help even more children. You will receive detailed monthly reports of the progress made by the learners at that centre so you can be sure your investment is being well spent. Contact us

Become a Donor

Become a Donor

We run 3 key support programs where donations are always welcome. We take care of any administration, management or logistics required to ensure effective use of donations. Contact us

The Nutrition Program

Many of our learners come from families that live on less than US$2/day. It is impossible to learn on an empty stomach. The nutrition program ensures all learners have a meal before their session.

The Bicycle Program

Bicycles are used by coaches to reach their centres which can be up to 10km away. Silver Star Coaches are responsible for 5 centres and a bicycle is often necessary to be able to move between the centres.

The Solar Program

Solar is used to charge tablets and equipment in our rural centres that are completely off grid. Solar is also used as a backup in many urban centres in where the electricity supply is unreliable, particularly in times of drought.

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