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We are a movement!

The Pupkewitz Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the Edulution program in Namibia. The Pupkewitz Foundation in Namibia is a movement which believes that it is possible to make a lasting difference in one million Namibian lives. We tackle what may seem impossible and we have the courage of our convictions as to the choice of our key projects. We recognise that not only funding, but our unconditional commitment to our projects over longer period's, breathes life into these projects. Ambitious endeavours require room and time to flourish. 

We are a movement. We will continue to participate in and invite partnerships which share each other's values, so that we can develop more impactful, sustainable and scalable projects. 

The Pupkewitz Foundation not only stakes reputation but also millions annually, in an effort to prove certain ideas are a viable method of encouraging economic growth and social progress

Let us adopt a can do approach together! It takes only 1 second to decide to care.

"There is no greater asset than the people of our nation. The Pupkewitz Foundation continues to build towards an increasingly well educated and healthy nation".

Harold Pupkewitz.


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