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O&L Committed to the Namibian Child

The Ohlthaver & List Group (O&L) recently emphasised its immense passion for education by supporting extra-curricular numeracy programs to primary school learners through the Edulution Program. The aim of the Program is to enable learners to revise and master essential numeracy and ITC skills and in turn allow teachers to better deliver their curriculum objectives.

Executive Chairman of the O&L Group, Sven Thieme: “When education ignites the mind and inspires the heart, then truly light shines in the darkness! As the O&L Group, we are extremely humbled by this wonderful opportunity and excited to join hands and partner with Edulution in Namibia together with our Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, as a partner in education, making a positive impact and difference through our Group Purpose ‘Creating a future, enhancing life’ for our Namibian children.” The O&L Executive Chairman encouraged the learners to ‘dream big; believe in yourself and be the leader you were born to be’. “Every day our lives are impacted by technology, information and the people who help develop and bring it to us. Therefore, as you move into the future, keep in mind to have a purpose and passion for it. Each one of you sitting here is a leader. Not tomorrow or sometime in the future when you’re big and earn a salary of your own. No. You are a leader today and every other day. Therefore, lead by example; inspire; motivate, and create a strong culture of excellence and a positive environment. Instead of saying ‘I can’t’, say ‘I can!”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Executive Director of the Ministry of Education Arts & Culture, Sanet Steenkamp said literacy and numeracy are important areas in their own right, but also support other subjects. “Learners who aim to pursue higher education qualifications must have a strong background knowledge of how to read and write at primary school level.

So, providing primary schoolearners with clear and standard basic literacy and numeracy knowledge which they can utilize in their future studies, has immense value and requires considerable investment from both public and private sectors.”  Steenkamp thanked Edulution and business partners, in particular the O&L Group for their contributions and supporting the Namibian children in this activity. “Education is a noble endeavour. More than just shaping the future of everyone that passes through our hands – we also shape the future of our nation. As learners are the future of every nation, if they become scientifically literate, they will be agents of change”, Steenkamp concluded.


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