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Tripart Partnership

In August, we officially began a tripart relationship with our sponsor partner PestalozziWorld and our location partner Children International. While PestalozziWorld offers a ‘head, heart and hands’ education for disadvantaged youth, particularly from rural areas, Children International works through individual child sponsorships to educate, empower and employ disadvantaged people in urban areas. Throwing Edulution into the mix, creates an incredible combination for children of all ages to step up their own educational ladder and provide employment to the coaches facilitating it.

With Children International’s three sites across Lusaka we are aiming in the first phase to give 1'000 children the opportunity to gain foundational proficiency in maths. About 75% of these students will start functionally illiterate in maths and will emerge sufficient to function in society – no mean feat!

We’ve done a lot of work in 2015 honing this process – from course design, evaluation techniques, coach training and student incentive schemes. Our results from our pilot sites have been very encouraging, more on this in a later blog.

Children International is considering becoming a sponsorship partner as well a location partner in 2016. This in turn will open the door for PestalozziWorld to reach other children in need.

We are expecting to reach 3'000 students by early 2016. We are enthusiastic about the progress we have made so far. Reaching out to partners such as PestalozziWorld and Children International has been an integral step to developing Edulution’s goals. 2015 is so far promising us to get closer to our goal of changing how Africa learns!



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