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Luangwa Rural Development

We are proud to have now 3 new Mobile Learning Centres fully operating in Luangwa. This is our completely rural solar solution about 3 hours drive from Lusaka which is being sponsored by PestalozziWorld.

We are reaching about 800 learners at 4 different sites with 7 Pestalozzi alumni as coaches, many of whom originated from this area when they were selected for a Pestalozzi scholarship. It is a neat virtuous circle and great that these alumni are now involved in the education of others from their own local rural area. The local community have been incredibly supportive in getting the show off the ground, Pestalozzi’s good standing and existing relationships helped.

I spent a few days out in Luangwa living with the coaches, I learnt a lot walking a mile in their shoes. This rural deployment has taken a lot of effort to get off the ground but have been pleasantly surprised at how well it is going (please touch wood now!). We have learnt a great deal and the next deployments should be easier.

The bare thread internet is a challenge as is the English level but neither insurmountable and we’re finding solutions. To be honest, almost everything is challenge from power, to clean drinking water, getting money there, providing technical support, transport between centres, training and monitoring – the list goes on, but for each we have found solutions that are working.

It’s an incredible testament to everyone involved, a massive thank you to all. A genuine example of one of our core values ‘Alone we cannot but together we can!’



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