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Edulution Has Landed

Welcome to Edulution and our official launch of the website. Since January we have been running a series of forerunner projects in Zambia working in partnership with the PestalozziWorld Foundation. These projects have already delivered a lot of impact but probably more importantly have given us the opportunity to research, develop and test a whole lot of new ideas.

It’s been a really fascinating journey and we’ve all learnt an incredible amount. This year I wanted to get into the trenches and feel every aspect at the grassroots level. I wanted to appreciate all the challenges first hand and try figure out ways to tap into the incredible opportunity that now exists, particularly for Africa.

I think most people realise there is an opportunity for a radical and disruptive change in how we learn and teach. In many ways, that’s the easy part – the real question is what to do about it? Most efforts I see try and implement changes onto an existing and already broken system. To me this seems a bit like fitting a satnav onto an old car which does not work very well – is that really going to make that much difference? So we’ve tried to look at this with fresh eyes and our suggested solutions use quite radical (but well researched) ideas to challenge the existing norms. Maybe we can invent a plane to replace that broken car?

We hope all our work and hard won experience will translate into something meaningful that seeds much greater things for Africa. Our next step is bringing to the warm people of Zambia something that we believe will make learning much more effective and affordable in ways that have not been tried before.

To all those that are following or supporting this thanks for reading!



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