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Our technology is smart and robust. Armed with their Mobile Learning Centre (a backpack of tablets, a wi-fi router, charging stations, a laptop and a solar panel where necessary), our coaches can facilitate effective learning in just about any environment. Many of our centres are in hot, dusty and remote rural locations off the grid. Our hardware has to be tough and we need to be able to fix it when it goes wrong.

Our communication platform is able to disseminate information seamlessly and effectively between the centres, our hub and sponsors. With occasional internet access all learner activity is sent to the hub for monitoring and data analysis from anywhere around the world.

The technical aspects of the content delivery (local servers, tablets, playlists, communication and reporting platforms, baseline testing processes, etc.) are constantly evaluated and upgraded to ensure that the learner and coach experience is optimized. When a centre’s laptop is connected to the internet to upload Learner activity on its local database, automatic updates are applied behind the scenes and health checks are executed on the hardware to assess key parameters and identify any issues. Coaches also provide regular feedback regarding areas that they perceive as opportunities for improvement.

Edulution has developed a bespoke inventory management system which tracks, monitors, administers and reports on all technology deployed in the field. Procurement management and ongoing hardware R&D is another area of expertise Edulution has developed.

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