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South Africa

South African education is in crisis. Despite multiple interventions and substantial investment, schools still under-perform and learners continue to suffer the long-term consequences. Most learners entering Grade 1 are unlikely to matriculate. Even fewer will pass with Maths. The majority will remain unemployed after leaving school.

The time for innovative responses and effective partnerships is now, and Edulution is committed to becoming part of the solution. Edulution’s use of technology and emphasis on self-directed pedagogy empowers learners to drive their own progress and begins to activate their considerable potential.


Our technology works equally well in the city as it does in rural areas without electricity or internet. 

We are actively engaging with local stakeholders, funders and education officials with the aim to open centres in several peri-urban and rural areas of South Africa. These pilot clusters will benefit from the lessons learned through our Zambia and Namibia operations, while the Coaches and Hub team iterate new solutions relevant to the South African context.

Join us in bringing new hope and improved outcomes to primary school education in South Africa.

Edulution Centres in Inanda, Kwazulu-Natal:

Edulution Centres in Ehlanzeni, Mpumalanga:

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