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The stifling October heat did not stop us breaking our last activity record by a whopping 25%! Our 3’342 active learners logged more than 38’000 hours this month, a 8’000 hour increase on the last Edulution record. Most of our 15 centres operate in very challenging and impoverished environments, like inner city townships in Lusaka or deep rural areas where there is no grid electricity or running water and searing dusty heat in the mid 40’s. 95% of our learners are from disadvantaged or impoverished backgrounds. Looking back, we certainly come a long way in the last 12 months.

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And how effective are we being? So far we’re observing an average of a 45% improvement in a 4 month test cycle across all our centres (~1400 data points) in our foundational numeracy courses. Averages don’t tell the whole story, the frequency distribution graph gives a more accurate picture.

Although there are many challenges still to overcome, we’re proud of the real and significant impact we are delivering to vulnerable children in very challenging environments. And don’t forget the employment, empowerment and entrepreneurial opportunities to our 35 aspiring coaches, most of whom are themselves from disadvantaged backgrounds. So many individuals and organisations have made this possible, so a big thank you all from all of us for helping us get this far!


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