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Edulution's Learner Journey

Changing how we learn’ is at the heart of what we do! We are fixed on facilitating fun, interactive sessions that inspire our learners to create their own personal pathway towards success. After all, we want independent, self-directed learners who are cognisant in the educational foundations they need to take them forward. However, we have discovered in Zambia that there are not many young people bearing this quality! This is because the school system reinforces passive, dependent behaviours and offers little incentive for learning in a different way.

Edulution has come up with the 4-stage ‘learner journey’ in order to shake the old system up! This pathway moves learners from being dependent to self-directed. When the learner is in the dependent stage, they are completely reliant on the coach for direction and therefore the coach is in an authoritative position. As the learner becomes more interested, the coach develops into a motivator encouraging the learner to take on more responsibility. When the learner gets involved in their own development, the coach grows into a facilitator. Lastly, the coach is seen as a consultant and the learner is confident, works smartly alone and is finally self-directed!

In order to invigorate the learner to move along the journey, coaches distribute wristbands representative of each stage. When the coach feels a learner has graduated to the next step, they are rewarded with a new colour of wristband. Our goal is to have each of our learners in Zambia reach the self-directed stage where they enjoy the freedom of autonomy, leadership and success!


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