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2023 Edulution Internal Results Report

The Edulution Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system is at the heart of our values and learning model. The power of data is critical to our daily operations, our project development, and our relationships with trusted stakeholders. 

During Edulution learning sessions, we track and monitor live activity from our daily Numeracy Programme with over 15,000 weekly Learners, generating an enormous amount of data for analysis. Extracting this data into understandable patterns and translating them into actions is how we ensure continuous and verified effective learning.

Edulution Zambia Learners after an ed-tech numeracy session

The inhouse built M&E system not only tracks Learner performance, but optimises the deployment and behaviours of our Coaches, providing real-time actionable data to monitor, improve upon, and drive their  earnings. Furthermore, all results are made available to stakeholders in filterable, graphical dashboards for full transparency. 

We measure three main KPIs that indicate effective learning: 

  1. Contact - data relating to the number of Learners active on the programme and the hours of learning facilitated 

  2. Retention - data measuring short-term attendance at sessions and long-term continuity on the programme

  3. Outcomes - data indicating Learner’s results, corresponding to their progress on tests and grade level catch-up.

Our results in 2023, measured by the M&E Qlik Sense data visualisation system, were really positive. We examine the first and final test scores at various programme levels. The median Learner achieved a first test score of 49% correct (below the Pass grade), compared to their final test score of 84% (a strong Pass). 

Data comparing the median original test score (left), and the final test score (right), highlighting the Learner's great improvement

Furthermore, over 5,000 Learners improved their mathematics outcomes by over 100%, and the majority of Learners by at least 40%.

Data showing Learner's percentage improvement rate

The 2023 average annualised rate of improvement remained high, at 123%. In 2023, Edulution congratulated 12,821 graduates at Grade competent levels. 

A screenshot of Edulution's M&E Qlik Sense data visualisation system

As we begin 2024, Edulution has adopted its Strategy Towards Sustainability. This strategic pivot focuses our resources towards capacity building to support other programme implementers to adopt our platform systems and content. The first pilot has gone ahead with Penreach in South African schools, allowing us to expand our reach and impact.

Join our mission to Transform Learning in 2024! Together we can!


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