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Our Senior Coaches

It takes 4 months to train a Bronze Coach. It takes 2+ years with a proven track record that demonstrates courage, passion, perseverance and service leadership working in the toughest conditions to become a Silver or Gold Coach.

Aubbrey is a teacher by profession. He is very enthusiastic about being a coach at Edulution and believes that Edulution is a key to better learning systems. He loves working with people and changing their lives.
Patricia oversees our centres at Family Legacy in Lusaka. She feels privileged to be part of the Change Tribe. She is passionate about change and believes the Zambian education system can be improved with Edulution.
Pestalozzi World Alumnus, Joseph manages our centres in Lundazi. He is a bold entrepreneur who loves technology. Joseph is motivated by the experience he will gain as an Edulution Coach.
Thomas enjoys the challenges that Edulution gives him. He has improved his communication and facilitation skills and looks forward to growing with his coach colleagues at the centre in Luangwa.
Benjamin is committed to helping Edulution reach its goal of assisting underprivileged youth to achieve maths proficiency. As a member of the Change Tribe, he has learned many techniques for helping learners.
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Pestalozzi World Alumnus
Mulenga was the first coach in charge of our Kasisi Village centres on the outskirts of Lusaka. She is a confident, determined and has a vision for change.
Sarah believes that Edulution is helping to make the world a better place by changing how we learn. She sees herself as an entrepreneur who can assist Zambian learners to improve their foundational maths skills.
Pestalozzi World Alumnus
Dabwitso dreams of becoming a technology expert in the Hub. He loves working with children and witnessing them understand maths in a new capacity with Edulution.
Chuma is a silver star coach who assists Thomas to lead all the Luangwa centres. She guides and supports her fellow coaches. Chuma looks forward to seeing Edulution grow all around the world!
Loretta credits Edulution with her transformation from a secondary school graduate with no skills into an innovative, creative leader who is a role model to both the community and the learners.
Matthews leads the Mfuwe cluster of centres. Matthews joined the tribe after working as a librarian for 2 years. His self-motivating and excellent problem solving skills have helped him to be a great coach.
Pestalozzi World Alumnus, Esther is motivated by the values of "head, heart & hands" to give back. Esther joined the Tribe in 2015 & has worked in many parts of Zambia. She is a Coach in Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp.
I am honoured to be part of the Change Tribe. Transforming the way we learn and developing essential skills in maths and technology is something I believe will change a lot of learners’ lives and also the Coaches lives.
Susana is self-motivated and very passionate about working with learners. She believes that Edulution is not only helping learners improve in Maths, but is also having a positive impact on their day-to-day lives.
I believe in transformational leadership. Edulution has given me the opportunity to give back to my community. And to motivate, inspire and contribute to the change and growth of the young leaders I'm blessed to work with.
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