We are social entrepreneurs passionate about changing how the developing world learns! We provide effective, affordable education using innovative technology, amazing content and novel coaching methods linked to performance.

Using a novel entrepreneurial model our Mobile Learning Centres deliver effective foundational numeracy and literacy to thousands of marginalized Zambian children from inner city townships to remote rural areas off the grid.

Our innovative, accountable coaches facilitate active, self-paced, mastery learning in a supported and fun environment enabled by some amazing technology that delivers engaging content whilst measuring and feeding back on the progress of each learner!

Brookings Africa Learning BarometerOur Learners

We are reaching thousands of vulnerable children from families earning less than $2 a day in inner city townships and remote rural areas off the grid. In Zambia, 75% of the underprivileged effectively have no numeracy skills (Brookings Research) and literacy does not fare much better. So we focus on these as research shows how life changing these skills are.

Our learners engage in active, self-paced, mastery learning in a supported environment which can be up to 5 times more effective than traditional teaching methods. Our learners are nurtured from being dependent to self-directed, further enhancing effectiveness and empowerment. It takes on average 140 hours of session time (12 to 15 months) for a learner to master our foundational numeracy course. We track, measure and analyse our learners’ activity and assess their progress with baseline testing.

Coach Mulenga and ProsperA Story

Meet Prosper, aged 11, born into poverty in a remote rural area in eastern Zambia. When we met him he did not know 1 x 1 nor could he add or subtract or do much else. Without these basic skills the opportunities for his future were extremely limited. Things changed when one of our Sponsor Partners, PestalozziWorld, put him through our ‘Pay For Progress’ foundational maths course at one of our Location Sponsor sites. Mulenga Mwamba is Prosper’s coach and her income is entirely dependent upon the activity and performance of her students. Mulenga was able to guide Prosper through the Edulution learning process. It began with a baseline test that gave a ‘heatmap’ on where to focus and with some amazing technology, effective coaching and our robust learning process, Prosper went from knowing hardly anything at all to being numerate in 6 months. With effective program management, oversight and support from the Hub and with excellent reporting systems Mulenga as well as the Sponsors could easily track Prosper’s progress and success!

This is just one story. Edulution offers a variety of life changing services to our partners or corporate clients ranging from our ‘Pay for Progress’ model to Bespoke Customised Solutions. Regardless of who you are our objective and mission remains the same: effective, affordable education for all.

Our Coaches

Armed with a backpack of tablets, clever technology and great content (a Mobile Learning Centre), our coaches facilitate effective extra-tuition learning just about anywhere, anytime. Their earnings are based on actual learner activity and progress.

Coaches are supported by a hub of mentoring and technical experts who give training, accreditation, tech and support, data analytics, monitoring & evaluation, reporting and career management. As coaches gain accreditation with a proven track record, they earn more money, manage and train new coaches and centres. Our training process focuses on nurturing self-belief to unleash purpose lead, innovative, accountable coaches. Importantly, we always select our coaches from the local community wherever possible

Innovative Tech

Our smart robust technology is an important key to our effectiveness. We can operate in just about any environment. Many of our centres are in hot, dusty and remote rural locations off the grid, many hours from the central hub. Our hardware has to be tough and we need to be able to fix it when it goes wrong.

Our communication platform is able to disseminate information seamlessly and effectively between the centres, the hub and sponsors. Over a ‘trickle internet’ all learner activity is sent to the hub for monitoring and data analysis from anywhere around the world. This data is the basis for the coaches’ earnings as well as the comprehensive reporting feedback to coaches, program managers, teachers and sponsors. Our intelligent data analytics plays a key role in ensuring effectiveness.

Engaging Content

Our smart tech hosts and enables the content for our learners to interact with. We have designed learning courses that are accessed through an app which links into the different content resources as needed. The backbone of our numeracy program is an offline version of the brilliant Khan Academy, supported by an array of tablet apps to fill the gaps. For our literacy program, IXL provides the core content supported by assorted apps from resources like the British Council.

We track and monitor the learner’s progress. This enables the coach to direct the learner to specific goals, quickly identify weaknesses and strengths, facilitate effective ‘peer to peer’ learning and allows for monitoring, analytics and reporting to drive effectiveness.

Grassroots Advocacy

Smart tech and engaging content are enablers – the silver bullet is people. Our accountable, innovative coaches are vital but so is the support from the schools and community we serve. We deliberately invest a lot of effort into this before we start in an area. This includes engaging with chiefs, village elders, headmasters, teachers, parents, government inspectors and the Ministry of Education.

Before committing to an area, we must feel welcome and supported. Once operational, we ensure all involved are kept informed of our progress as well as the challenges which they often help us solve.


We baseline test our learners regularly. Currently, we are measuring a 59% improvement in a 6 month period (between their first and last test) on our numeracy courses. The chart above shows the distribution of 2’500 test points and is part of the information sponsors receive each month.

Our learners (on average) start with a baseline test score of 35% and after 140 hours (12 to 15 months) should master our foundational numeracy course scoring 85% or more. Mastery is a key concept for us!

Reach and Support

Currently we are reaching 7’500 learners from disadvantaged backgrounds in inner city townships and remote rural locations in Zambia served by 65 coaches in the field, most recruited from their local communities.

We have the sponsorship of 4 international NGO’s as well as several major organisations and individuals who sponsor and/or donate to our projects. We are also working with the Zambian Ministry of General Education who are being most supportive. We keep expanding successfully and our target is to reach 9’000 learners by the end of 2017 and start working in a new country during the course of 2018.



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