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Learners & educators ready to embrace the ‘pull’ effect of blended e-learning

Teachers must be at the front and centre of digital learning solutions. This fundamental principle is at the heart of the Edulution blended learning pedagogy, and this year we will take further steps to integrate teachers into session rooms. We are encouraged by a recent independent evaluation that attests to this strategy going forward. 

Researchers from Povaddo have concluded their report that surveyed 37 Principals, Deputy Principals, maths teachers and other educators in schools that host the Edulution Programme in South Africa. 

The survey focused on the important relationship between Edulution and school educators, gathering their opinions and insight into day-to-day Programme operations and interactions with Edulution staff, their perception of the Programme’s impact on students, and their suggestions for improvement. 

The survey yielded positive results, testament to our Programme’s efficacy, and our commitment to community outreach and school advocacy; both of which prove vital to meaningful and systemic educational reform. 

Edulution Learners with their certificates of topic mastery

At Edulution, we believe that fun and play is a key component of positive learning outcomes. Through games and energisers, Learners build self-confidence and healthy mental development, and are taught to manage their energy levels, all of which proves essential to their learning journey. Therefore, we were delighted to see that 78% of educators note that Learners are very interested in participating fully during Edulution sessions, and 84% believe Learners are thoroughly enjoying the Programme. 

We were also greatly encouraged to hear that educators are taking an active interest in the Edulution sessions. When asked how often they visit a session, 54% said “weekly”, with 51% attending to review the Monthly Learning Report with the Coaches, and 46% confer with Edulution Coaches which specific topics Learners appear to struggle with, in order to address these learning gaps. 

Graph showing how often teachers visit Edulution sessions and why

Figure 1, Page 6 

Educators note dramatic improvements in both maths scores and school enrolments. This reflects the ‘pull’ effect of technology provision in schools where both Learners and educators are ready to embrace the potential of facilitated digital learning.  

Graph showing that teachers firmly believe that Edulution is improving Learner's maths grades, and is increasing school enrolments

Figure 2, Page 7

Furthermore, the survey highlighted the excellent relationships built between school staff and Edulution Coaches. Educators commented on the Coaches’ excellent work ethic and high standard of facilitation, 97% describing their communication as ‘open and transparent’. Coaches are Edulution’s greatest asset; our ‘secret sauce’, expertly trained to maximise opportunities for Learners, striving to meet key performance targets, and positively contributing to their local communities. 

Teachers evaluating Edulution Coaches highly

Figure 3, Page 15

Looking forward, 97% of educators said that the Edulution Programme could add value to their classroom in the future, particularly in alternative school subjects (expanding from mathematics), and through teacher development training. The majority of suggestions for improvement commented on the opportunities for teacher development programmes, digital skills sessions with school staff, and greater integration of the school timetable; all suggestions we are already implementing and piloting in our 2024 strategy. In 2023, we conducted our first teacher engagement workshops, and with the exciting recent signing of a three-year MOU with the Zambian Ministry of Education, our Strategy Towards Sustainability is already coming to fruition. 

Thembelihle, a Grade 6 Learner, who has caught-up to her Grade level while on the Edulution Programme

We thank all educators that took part in this survey, providing meaningful feedback so that we can continue to best serve Edulution Learners and their communities. We are delighted to hear such positive responses and look forward to cultivating and honouring our relationships with school faculties. 

The future of Edulution is to empower teachers to take a leading role in the delivery and facilitation of the Numeracy Programme, flawlessly integrating into the national curriculum, and providing powerful support to fight the learning crisis.

To read the full report, click here:

Edulution Educator Feedback Report Nov 23
Download PDF • 1.11MB


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