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Want to become an Edulution partner?

Two primary opportunities exist for partnership with Edulution.

Outcome Funders provide funding using a delivery-based approach that allows them to see the schools they are supporting and how learners are performing. With comprehensive reporting and data analytics, sponsors are 100% confident their money has delivered education, employment, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Grant Funders provide working capital specifically to initiate, establish and help scale the Edulution programme. The purpose of this funding and the team it funds is to establish the major operational areas required for running a large-scale ed Tech organisation.

We can only succeed by working together - and we need your support.

To learn more about Edulution and their partners and how to become an Edulution partner please browse through our short 2 page concept note below.

Edulution Concept Note_0721
Download PDF • 1.32MB


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