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Movin' On Up

2016 got off to a great start! We’re living in exciting times, growing fast and reaching more and more children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our ‘tribe’ is also expanding; we have signed on several new international NGO partners and also agreed a collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

We were delighted to start at SOS Children Villages International (600 students) and RHO Appleseed (60 students) as new location partners. Children International became a sponsor partner to their 3 sites across Lusaka. Family Legacy have also signed on as a location partner with a 1'000 students across 3 sites around Lusaka commencing May. An information sharing arrangement has been agreed with the Department of Distance and Opening Education (DODE) at the Ministry of Education in Zambia. We are collaborating with them on the work we are doing at Community Schools around the country.

In February we set yet another record with over 1,900 active students logging more than 14,000 hours, a 56% increase from January’s record of 9,000 hours. Our goal is 5,000 students by year end.

And even more exciting news: The Hulbert family decided to sponsor our bike scheme, a great and very popular initiative. Many of our coaches have to commute by foot (up to 12 km a day) to reach their class locations and this bike scheme was introduced to provide transport. Coaches either rent the bikes for a small fee which goes towards bike maintenance or they participate in a ‘rent to own’ scheme paying 50% of the bike price off over a year.



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