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Lift Off

Well it has been a roller coaster getting everything set up and ready for our first deployments but we have lift off! There have been a lot of firsts. Coach selection, then their training and now their deployment into the field with their own mobile learning centres. The process has been challenging with bumps in the road but overall it’s been incredibly powerful and rewarding.

Although our mission and focus is changing how Africa learns, another great benefit of this project is the employment opportunities that have been created for very abled, passionate people seeking an avenue to express their talents. There is so much untapped potential here and not enough places for people to employ it. The last week of training was incredible, we focused a lot on psychological development, getting our coaches to believe in themselves and feel part of something bigger, to be part of the Edulution Change Tribe.

In the closing out ceremony there was not a dry eye in the house and a lot of hugging – transformational for me and everyone else. Yes, we want to do things in a new way, we want to change how we learn and change how we do things in Africa. It’s time to depart from the shackles of our past and let the next generation, the Change Tribe generation come through.

Now we have our first coaches out in the field we will focus on getting them effectively deployed. There is a desperate demand for effective, affordable education here – we believe we have something capable of delivering this. We are pioneers and there going to be a lot more firsts; we have taken the next important step.


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