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Learning at Edulution during COVID-19

With online access to Edulution’s learning platform, empowering videos and real time access to senior program facilitators, coaches have been honing their facilitation skills and deepening their knowledge of the materials provided to their learners. There’s no better way to become a great coach than to walk in the footsteps of the learners, mastering and experiencing the very courses and tests they do.

Coach Asa working online at home

“The past few weeks have been awesome. Being a facilitator with a class of learners online was just fantastic. I felt thrilled each time I checked on the coach dashboard and saw the excellent scores by most coaches. From the updates posted by most coaches, I have concluded that this training was very inclusive - every coach did his or her very best to succeed. I am very sure that once schools reopen, the coaches with be better skilled and ready to succeed in their centres. I was always looking forward to the next virtual class.” Senior program manager Mr Davies Kabo “I have been touched after watching our online training videos, especially the one on Comfort Zones. It is something I really appreciated so much as I felt like it's the first time I have learned it. I have discovered the fears and anxieties in me, which gives me room to improve and take up the challenge to leave my comfort zone.” Coach Loretta “I had quiet a day working from Alpha B. I also wrote three tests, an Alpha C1 and two Grade 7 revision tests and managed to achieve above the pass mark of 85% on all three. It’s a great experience working from home despite at times you might need help from someone to explain where not clear, however as we are unstoppable, my colleagues were able to assist in our various groups. Coach Asa “I had a wonderful morning session. Three lessons I learnt today on our online ICEBERG training. Our behaviours will affect our thoughts and feelings both in a positive manner and a negative manner. The key to changing something is to understand where it’s coming from. My performance in life is determined by my potential minus my interferences.” Coach Joseph “Learning online from home was new and leaving my comfort zone was tuff. I always told myself I can't learn unless I am in a session at school or at the hub. Today I learnt that Performance = Ability – Interference and that I can create the environment that allows me to learn without interferences. Will apply the same in my sessions. Honestly this exercise is amazing. So many growing points.” Coach Sinthani 



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