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I had a whatsapp conversation with alumni Coach Thomas (in picture) who has gone on to study engineering in China. This chat demonstrates just how powerful and enduring our training is and a testament that nurturing self-belief is the key to unlocking Africa's potential. 

Coach Thomas (20/08/17): Hello Michael how are you? This is Thomas Malidadi... 

Michael Wray: Hey Thomas, great to hear from you. Where are you now?

Coach Thomas: I am in china studying to be a civil engineer.

Michael Wray: Oh...great. How is it going? What city you in?

Coach Thomas: So far so good just learning more academically and in the field of development as well the Chinese language...I am in yichang city, Hubei province...

Michael Wray: Quite a change from Zambia I guess. You think your time as an Edulution coach helped you?

Coach Thomas: Very much. Edulution taught me to be focused, positive minded, to improve my self esteem...Alone I can't together we can, nothing for nothing, something for something, I am unstoppable together we are unstoppable... I learnt quiet a lot and I cherish everything I learnt. Thank you, you were always our motivation...

Michael Wray: My honour to serve you Thomas...the best reward for me is that u do amazing things with your life, share the values you learnt for the betterment of yourself and the world. Only together we can!

Coach Thomas: I just wanted to express my gratitude for everything you did for me during my working at Edulution. By the way how is the tribe? I really miss it..

Michael Wray: Tribe is growing...7500 learners now, 60 coaches,  we got 6 centres in Luangwa, 5 in Lundazi and 3 in Mfuwe. Plus 10 centres in and around Lusaka. You follow us on Facebook?

Coach Thomas: Wow amazing things are happening...Edulution is surely changing the lives of many people...Yes I follow the Edulution page. So the tribe has 24 centers?

Michael Wray: Good to see you can still add :) More centres coming. We started doing literacy now too

Coach Thomas: Awesome!! Everything has been implemented...

Michael Wray: This only the beginning Thomas. I'm glad u were a part of it. Tx u!

Coach Thomas: God bless,  you are a blessing to the African continent. Edulution changed my life and I know it's changing the lives of many out there...

Michael Wray: I'm only a part of it Thomas, its incredible people like you that make the tribe what it is. Tx so much for connecting, I wish you well with your studies. I'm glad you still have Edulution in your heart. When next in Zambia plse come say hello!

‪Coach Thomas: Thank you for your time. Will keep following Edulution on FB and spread the word...God bless!


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