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Edulution COVID-19 Update

Our hearts and thoughts are with all the individuals, families and organisations impacted by Covid-19 around the world. We particularly offer our deepest gratitude and acknowledgement to the health professionals and care givers who are tirelessly giving of themselves to those in need. This is an incredibly challenging time but it is also a time to test our creativity and will to persevere on behalf of all those we serve.

To our sponsors around the world, the Zambian and Namibian Ministries of Education, our 120 coaches, our Hub and Strategic Services teams across numerous countries: we salute and thank you for your support and commitment to transforming how Africa learns. Never has one of Edulution’s core values been more applicable than now… Together we Can.

We have been very busy since lockdown was implemented in March. With the support of our sponsors and our own internal measures to reduce costs across the organisation we have been able to remain operational. We are using this time for our coaches to improve their skills and knowledge on our recently released online training and tutoring program. With real-time support from our lead coaches and program managers, all our coaches have been working on a customised training program at home. What an experience it has been for them – learning never stops at Edulution – as described by these personal stories from some of our coaches…

“Learning online from home was new and leaving my comfort zone was tuff. I always told myself I can't learn unless I am in a session at school or at the hub. Today I learnt that Performance = Ability – Interference and that I can create the environment that allows me to learn without interferences. Will apply the same in my sessions. Honestly this exercise is amazing. So many growing points.” Coach Sinthani

“I had quiet a day working from Alpha B. I also wrote three tests, an Alpha C1 and two Grade 7 revision tests and managed to achieve above the pass mark of 85% on all three. It’s a great experience working from home despite at times you might need help from someone to explain where not clear, however as we are unstoppable, my colleagues were able to assist in our various groups. Coach Asa

“I had a wonderful morning session. Three lessons I learnt today on our online ICEBERG training. Our behaviours will affect our thoughts and feelings both in a positive manner and a negative manner. The key to changing something is to understand where it’s coming from. My performance in life is determined by my potential minus my interferences.” Coach Joseph

When our centres re-open, our coaches will be well prepared to nurture and help their learners make up for lost time and catch up core numeracy and literacy skills.

The rest of the Edulution Tribe has also been busy, using this valuable time to work on various strategic projects and plans to expand across its existing territories and into South Africa.

We are starting to see communications from governments relating to the phased ‘unlocking’ of the lockdowns. We hope to be able to get back to learning with our learners soon but we have to accept that the future remains uncertain – these are unchartered times. We will continue to assess the situation over the coming weeks and share any updates with our communities as they become available.

Stay safe and take care.

The Edulution Tribe



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