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Digital literacy receives boost from the FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust

The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust on Tuesday 22nd October donated N$211 680 to the recently inaugurated First National Bank Edulution Centre at St Barnabas Primary School in Windhoek.

Uakakotora Tjiueza (left) and his son Rikwambe Tjiueza having a go at the maths workout activity at St Barnabas Primary School in Katutura, Windhoek, on Tuesday. The maths workout is part of the Edulution programme which was recently introduced at the school to help teachers better deliver their curriculum objectives. Photo courtesy of Henry van Rooi, The Namibian.

Trust chairperson Clara Bohitile said at the inauguration on Tuesday at St Barnabas Primary School that since its establishment, the trust has supported various programmes which focus on educational and financial literacy.

“We believe that education in the broader sense, which includes early childhood development support to individual schools and tertiary facilities, remains one of the focus areas of the foundation,” she noted. 

Bohitile added that she believes the partnership with Edulution will bring hope to parents and pupils in various communities, ensuring that they are introduced to the vast opportunities that modern economies provide.

“Through this donation, we hope you will continue to use your innovative mix of technology, analytics and local resources to improve numeracy, literacy, digital skills, create jobs and deliver quality learning to all Namibian citizens,” she said.

Speaking on behalf of Edulution, head of marketing and communications Mike Clarke said since its establishment in Namibia in March this year, the programme has been rolled out at nine different schools in Katutura, with St Barnabas Primary School being the most recent one.

The Edulution programme currently has two centres at the Hillside Primary School in Windhoek. Their other centres are located at several schools in Windhoek, including Namutoni Primary School, Augeikhas Primary School, Havana Primary School, Fidel Castro Primary School, Mandume Primary School, Moses vd Byl Primary School, Theo Katjimune Primary School, and now St Barnabas Primary School.

Clarke added that an indicator of the programme's success was the improvement in the pupils' test results between their first and most recent tests. “We look at the change in percentages between these tests, and to date, we're seeing improvements of between 5% and 18% across the various centres which we're delighted to be seeing this early on in the programme,” he continued.


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