Where We Work

Edulution works in some of the most disadvantaged communities in Zambia, Namibia and in South Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) faces unique challenges in educating its children. A history of political disenfranchisement, socio-economic exclusion and geographical marginalisation means learners suffer from poverty and, along with their teachers, lack confidence and effectiveness in the classroom.

Education levels correlate closely with economic prosperity. This is why we work in the toughest environments where it is needed most. Our centres operate in inner-city townships and remote rural areas (including refugee camps) that are often offline and off the electric grid.


In May 2022, we opened 14 new schools in South Africa, now operating 24 Centres and serving 7000 active Learners. 



First Centre

opened in Lusaka 

in 2015.


First Centre

opened in Windhoek

in 2019.


South Africa

25 Centres since
May 2022