What We Do

A typical Edulution session has 30 to 40 learners in a classroom each working on a tablet at their own pace, guided by smart technology. At the heart of Edulution is the drive to turn learners from passive classroom occupants into confident, inspired participants driving their own learning journey.

  • Two coaches circulate, facilitating and guiding learners, enabled by live reporting to guide their interventions

  • The learning environment is fun, safe and supported

  • Games, energisers, recognition, rewards and nutrition are part of the session

  • At month end learner activity data is uploaded for detailed reporting and analysis for all stakeholders

  • The result: inspired, positive learners with effective outcomes – enjoying Maths and English and acquiring digital skills

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So many more questions? To make this all happen in the harsh places we operate a lot needs to come together and no doubt the more curious will have a lot more questions. In our FAQ's section we get into the details and answer questions about the technology we use, the courses and content we provide, the learner journey, the coaches, reporting and data analytics, how we work in schools and the community, our strategy to scale and many other questions.