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What We Do

Edulution is an innovative and proven learning model that is transforming how Africa learns. 


For the last decade, SSA has had the highest rates of children falling behind and failing to learn. Learners in public schools are several years behind their grade level, and this problem compounds year on year. It limits the effectiveness of the curriculum taught by teachers and increases the number of school dropouts. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated this situation. Current learning losses on future learning are so significant that learning recovery interventions have become essential.

With the advent of digital educational technology, highly effective solutions have emerged. The best solutions are scalable, affordable, and rapidly impactful – yet they are rare in practice. Technology alone is insufficient - only when deployed in partnership with government and local stakeholders and delivered by experienced and committed personnel can the educational outcomes of Learners truly be transformed.

This is Edulution’s mission, to transform how Africa learns.



Founded in 2015, Edulution runs catch-up programmes in Edulution Learning Centres at government and community schools in South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia. The Edulution model is a unique mix of technology, enterprising Coaches, content, and evidence-based analytics that enable Learners to revise and master essential numeracy and ITC skills. The catch-up programme puts the Learner back on track and helps teachers deliver their curriculum.

The Edulution model reaches marginalised SSA communities living in inner-city townships, remote rural areas and refugee camps. Our Centres are serving over 18,000 active Learners, 18,500 at the end of 2022. And with 169 employed Coaches that previously were unemployed local youth, Edulution is making a positive impact on vulnerable communities by creating jobs and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Analytics and Reporting

Measurement, analysis and management are pre-requisites for effective scaling of the Edulution program. Edulution understands that all stakeholders need clear, effective and regular reporting.


Learners login using a unique reference number for tracking attendance, topics covered, tests results and other monitoring and evaluation data. Learner activity is uploaded to the cloud monthly and insightful dashboards are automatically generated. The ‘filterable’ dashboards in the online portal provide:

  • Comprehensive reporting for all stakeholders

  • High-level summaries by centre and detailed activity per learner

  • Analytical reports to monitor, evaluate and analyse activity and effectiveness

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Programme Session

Edulution produces empowered and numerate Learners. The programmes’ success is based on our unique Edulution model.

Edulution evaluated in 2021 that our Learners’ annual average rate of improvement is 74%.

With a long-term strategy to transform learning SSA at scale and having secured its first government funding, the Edulution model is on its path to becoming a national solution.

A typical Edulution session has 30 to 40 learners in a classroom each working on a tablet at their own pace, guided by smart technology. At the heart of Edulution is the drive to turn learners from passive classroom occupants into confident, inspired participants driving their own learning journey.

  • Two coaches circulate, facilitating and guiding learners, enabled by live reporting to guide their interventions

  • The learning environment is fun, safe and supported

  • Games, energisers, recognition, rewards and nutrition are part of the session

  • At month end learner activity data is uploaded for detailed reporting and analysis for all stakeholders

  • The result: inspired, positive learners with effective outcomes – enjoying Maths and English and acquiring digital skills

More questions? Please see our FAQ's section 

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