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Learners take a baseline test after they have had 10 hours on the program. They are tested again every 3 months, or when they pass a section (75% is required to pass). The average annual rate of improvement is 93% versus initial baseline results in the numeracy course. Averages don’t tell the whole story: 40% of  learners improved by more than 100%. The histogram and charts visually represent this.


In the 2017 Grade 7 national exams in Zambia, Edulution graduates outperformed their peers by 25%.


Independent assessment: In 2019, Edulution commissioned an independent assessment of the program to verify its efficacy claims. The final report was published by the Swiss Educational Innovation Network and it was found that Edulution learners outperformed their peers in mathematics by 20 percentile ranks.


Qualitative assessment: In April 2018, Edulution conducted a survey between parents and educators associated with Edulution Learners and those not on the program in Lusaka (urban and peri-urban schools) and Eastern Province districts (rural schools). The survey took the form of an interview and a questionnaire and included district level MoGE officials, Head Teachers, Heads of Department for Mathematics, teachers and parents. Close to 100% of Principals recommend Edutution to other schools.

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