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Our Coaches

The Edulution difference is embodied in our coaches: positive, capable, inspired and full of life. It's a product of doing work that matters deeply, and being trusted to operate with considerable independence.

Edulution has a rigorous but scalable coach selection process. Prospective Coaches must have successfully passed Grade 12, but no tertiary qualifications are required. The young men and women who apply to Edulution are often shy, reserved individuals who believe they have nothing to offer. So look for the potential below the surface and develop their talent with regular bespoke training and mentorship. This human development process focusses on nurturing self-belief, accountability and proactiveness. The results of the training are remarkable.


Coaches are selected from the local communities where our rural and urban centres are located wherever possible. One coaching job is created for every 120 learners enrolled on Edulution’s programs. The coaches are supported by our hub of experts who provide training, accreditation, tech support, data analytics, monitoring & evaluation, reporting and career management. As coaches gain accreditation and a proven track record, they earn more money, manage and train new coaches and centres. Earnings are based on actual learner activity and progress – the data that is recorded real time is the basis for the coaches’ earnings.

We are proud and humbled by the achievements of our young coaches, who exceed expectations in difficult circumstances and remote locations.


Contact us should you wish to apply during one our regular intake windows.

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