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Numeracy Programme

Edulution deployed the Numeracy Programme in South Africa, Namibia, and Zambia through the Numeracy Programme.

The Numeracy Programme reaches marginalised communities living in inner-city townships, remote rural areas and refugee camps. The Programme is typically hosted on sight, in the form of Learning Centres that are self-run by the Coaches and supported by a local Hub team.


In 2022, 18,500 active Learners benefited from the Programme and over 200 youth (formally unemployed), were hired and trained as Coaches. In 2023, Edulution concluded the pilot in Namibia, but operations in Zambia and South Africa are still ongoing. Click on the images below to read more about the programmes >



South Africa

A typical Edulution session has 30 to 40 learners in a classroom each working on a tablet at their own pace, guided by smart technology. At the heart of Edulution is the drive to turn learners from passive classroom occupants into confident, inspired participants driving their own learning journey.

  • Two coaches circulate, facilitating and guiding learners, enabled by live reporting to guide their interventions

  • The learning environment is fun, safe and supported

  • Games, energisers, recognition, rewards and nutrition are part of the session

  • At month end learner activity data is uploaded for detailed reporting and analysis for all stakeholders

  • The result: inspired, positive learners with effective outcomes – enjoying Maths and English and acquiring digital skills

Programme Session

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Our impact on communities requires collaboration and advocacy

We are positively impacting the marginalised communities.

Our mobile learning centres and technology are designed to operate and scale in harsh environments off the electricity grid and essentially offline.


We can serve remote, isolated communities such as the refugee camp we serve in North Western Zambia.

Educators see us as helping them better deliver their curriculum objectives.

Coaches and Hub staff help raise awareness among parents about the importance of numeracy and literacy.

Efforts are made to align with the school curriculum and support the exam periods.

98% of principals at the schools we operate at would recommend Edulution to other schools.

We provide a safe, fun and supported environment for effective learning.

Children learn best when they feel safe and are in a fun and supported environment. The environments our learners come from are not always safe and life can be very hard for them.


Our coaches understand their communities well and all attend Child Protection training.  Their Edulution training equips them to create a safe, engaging space for learning.


As part of our advocacy efforts with the community, we regularly check in with Principals, teachers and parents to ensure that we are delivering on our mission while living the Edulution values.

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