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Our Funding Model

As a sponsor you only fund learner hours actually delivered – this is known as Outcome Funding. There is zero delivery risk - a rarity for a development project. Our accountability, transparency, comprehensive reporting and data analytics give funders, sponsors and investors 100% confidence that they have directly contributed to effective learning, employment and entrepreneurship.

Edulution is able to track every minute and every hour a learner spends actively engaged in learning. This information is used to create the month-end invoice for each centre and is also used to calculate the earnings for each Coach.


The all-inclusive rate per hour of learning facilitated covers:

  • Coaches - selection, training, mentoring, accreditation, their pay, further education

  • Technology  - hardware, software, tech support and management, data management, communication platforms

  • Program management  - oversight, reporting, data analytics, advocacy, stakeholder engagement

  • Quality assurance - learner progress, efficacy of the programs, coach evaluation, ongoing training coach training

Over US$2 million has been invested in the pilot project to date. At this early stage, volumes are relatively low and R&D costs are high. The costs of launching in new geographies are significant during the start-up years. Innovation, iteration and improvement are part of our DNA and costs are constantly reduced and efficiencies improved. In the long term, the costs per learner per year on the ‘Catch Up’ program is expected to be approximately USD40 per learner per year.

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