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Learners take a baseline test after they have had 10 hours on the program. They are tested again every 3 months, or when they pass a section (75% is required to pass). The average annual rate of improvement is 93% versus initial baseline results in the numeracy course. Averages don’t tell the whole story: 40% of  learners improved by more than 100%. The histogram and charts visually represent this.

In the 2017 Grade 7 national exams in Zambia, Edulution graduates outperformed their peers by 25%.


Independent assessment: In 2019, Edulution commissioned an independent assessment of the program to verify its efficacy claims. The final report will be published on this site.


Qualitative assessment: In April 2018, Edulution conducted a survey between parents and educators associated with Edulution Learners and those not on the program in Lusaka (urban and peri-urban schools) and Eastern Province districts (rural schools). The survey took the form of an interview and a questionnaire and included district level MoGE officials, Head Teachers, Heads of Department for Mathematics, teachers and parents. Close to 100% of Principals recommend Edutution to other schools.


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