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Our Hub Teams

The Hub team provides centralised operational support to the centres and coaches in the field. 

Program Manager
Sharon has dedicated her career to education and has a wealth of experience. She is respected for her dedication and ability to bring new concepts to reality by using innovative approaches and inspiring others to take action.
Head of Technology
Kapya is a self-taught software developer with a background in Biomedical Sciences. His considerable expertise, commitment and innovative approach to problem solving make him a valuable member of the Tribe.
Technical Support & Training
Levy started out as an Edulution coach but his passion for technology and his relentless tenacity soon had him working in the Hub as Technical Support. He also assists with project administration and Coach training.
Office Administration
Newton manages many administrative and operational tasks that keep the Hub ticking. He also supports the Finance and Program Management teams and is the first line of technical support for all centres in Zambia.
Inventory & Finance Administrator
Annie worked in the medical and NGO sectors for 20 years prior to joining Edulution. Annie specializes in inventory management and supports the finance department in key areas. She takes great pride in her work.
Quality Assurance
Davies has 25 years’ experience as a Teacher and Headmaster. He spends most of his time in the field. His humility, commitment and passion for seeing Zambia develop make him a valued and much loved member of the Tribe.
QA Sponsor Reporting
Zeke is a Google Certified Educator & eLearning Trainer with 20+ years’ experience in Lusaka’s top private schools. He is passionate about e-learning education & skills building and the impact it can have on education in Zambia.
Operational Hardware Support
Ntipa joined Edulution in 2016. He is responsible for operational support for our Learning Centres and Coaches. Ntipa is currently studying accounting in line with his passion to expand his role within Edulution.
Software Developer
Soccer-mad Josh joined Edulution in 2019. He has 4 years’ experience in software development. Josh is passionate about developing software for Edulution that ensures Coaches and learners have a trouble-free experience.
Inventory Support Controller
Victor joined the Hub in 2019 and provides inventory and logistical support between the Hub and the Centres throughout Zambia. He is passionate about service delivery and Edulution’s mission in Zambia.
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Program Manager
Born in Namibia, his entrepreneurial, advocacy, fundraising, financial and analytical skills bode well for the program and building enduring partnerships with all key stakeholders in Namibia.
Office Manager
Robyn has a wide range of skills and experience but it is her bright smile and willingness to go the extra mile that have made her the glue that holds the Namibian team together.
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