Project Luangwa

More than 600 km east of Zambia’s capital city on the edge of the famous South Luangwa National Park, Edulution has embarked upon its third cluster of rural centres. Edulution serves 900 learners from Grades 3-12 at Mfuwe Primary and Secondary Schools. When the program began in April 2017, learners accessed tablets for the first time and immediately showed great interest in Khan Academy, mastering thousands of exercises. Project Luangwa (PL) and PestalozziWorld are the sponsor partners. Project Luangwa will be taking on the role as sponsor before the end of 2017.


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Project Overview

Location Mfuwe Primary & Secondary Schools, Mfuwe
Students on Program 900 students doing 3 hours per week
Program Objectives Foundational Maths Skills to support Grade 3 through Grade 12
Numeracy Courses Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Foundational courses
Supplementary Material Science videos to support Zambian curriculum
Location and Sponsor Partners Project Luangwa and Pestalozziworld
Sponsorship Model Pay for Progress model



“Edulution has come at a right time here at MFUWE Secondary, when students’ performance especially at maths is really down. I think Edulution is very vital for our students and we only hope for the best in them. Our only wish is that Edulution stays with us long enough (to see great improvements).”

– Deputy Head Teacher Mr. Lungu


“I like Edulution, it is a very nice program because I learn new things everyday. Coaches motivate and encourage us a lot.”

– Student, Moffat Mbewe


“Edulution is a very, very good program for our students. We have seen how learners are improving at mathematics. We will continue with hardwork towards our students (to help them improve).”

– Edulution Coach, Vivien Musonda

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