Projects Gallery

We have projects at various sites serving thousands of students from all sectors of society, from the grassroots to private schools and academic institutions. Out at Kasisi, 30km from Lusaka, we operate at 4 sites. With Children International we have sites at Chiboyla, Kanyama and George compounds in Lusaka. At Pestalozzi Education Centre, a top 10 private school in Lusaka in Ibex Hill, we have foundational courses to support their students. See the galleries below to get a taste of some of these sites and click on the links to find out more about each project.

Children International (Chiboyla, Kanyama, George compounds in Lusaka)


Kasisi (30 km from Lusaka, the birthplace of Edulution)


Pestalozzi Education Centre (Ibex Hill, Lusaka)

Family Legacy

Linda Community School