Michael Wray

Founder: Michael Wray (CA, MBA) was born and raised in Zimbabwe and received his tertiary education in South Africa. He worked in London and Switzerland for 15 years in the finance industry, his last role as CFO and board member of a global hedge fund manager. In 2013 he changed his focus to education and Edulution was founded. Michael initially consulted to Barclays on their Education CSR strategy, focusing particularly on the Khan Academy and sustainable business models that deliver private education to the poor. Since then he has been developing and deploying low-cost learning systems capable of effectively delivering affordable education using  sustainable ‘micro-scale’ business models.



Programme & Development Manager: Sharon Panicco has dedicated her entire career to education. She is known for her ability of bringing new concepts into reality by using innovative approaches and inspiring others to take action. Born and raised in Zambia, Sharon went on to work in the UK and in South Africa on a variety of educational projects. She has a wealth of experience in skills development, the donor, non-profit and development sector. Her array of expertise and consultative approach underpin the next phase of Edulution’s development and expansion.



Technology Development & Support: Kapya Sakala obtained his degree in Biomedical Sciences from UNZA in 2014 and has always had a passion for software and technology. Being largely self-taught he has amassed a wide array of skills and experience, perfect for his role at Edulution which uses many different technologies and platforms. His commitment of service to others as well as his innovative approach to solving problems makes him a perfect fit into the Edulution Change Tribe!



Accountant & Project Admin: Malamo Shipungu is our accountant and project administrator. Born and raised in Lusaka, her many talents won her a scholarship with PestalozziWorld. After completing school she worked at BDO for 3 years training to be an accountant before joining Edulution. She is passionate about improving the opportunities for Zambians through education and proud to be a member of the change tribe!



Communications & Project Admin: Marissa Izma co-founded Same World Same Chance, which focuses on educating young girls from rural areas in Zambia. After 7 years she is now thrilled to be a part of the Edulution team. She brings a wide variety of talents to ensure our programs run well wherever they are deployed and keeps all our stakeholders well informed. She has a passion for helping children across Zambia and as she knows this will help develop this great nation.


Technical Support & Project Admin: Levy Mbewe originally started out as an Edulution coach but his passion for technology and his relentless tenacity soon had him working in the hub supporting all the tech out in the field as well as assisting with the project administration. He still keeps his hand in at coaching one day a week as he loves it, he also is turning out to be a great trainer. He is glad to be setting a career example for other coaches to work in the Hub.


Training design and delivery: David Fair brings 15 years’ experience in employee engagement, youth development and coaching to help our coaches deliver their best.  With background in psychology, David is the mastermind behind the design and delivery of our innovative training content and coach recruitment processes.  David has a lifelong passion for developing human potential and firmly believes that professional and personal growth are inextricably linked.


Development & Deployment: James Wong is experienced in developing and growing social enterprises having worked on three start-ups across two continents. He personally loves the educational sphere of development and joined the Tribe because he is able to roll up his sleeves and be on the ground supporting the coaches. Originally trained as an aeronautical engineer he is wide range of technical and practical skills to leverage and scale Edulution’s impact. He believes the educational model will shift to technology based platforms in future and is happy to be a part of Edulution’s innovative learning model.


Programme Manager: Ethel Brome Mbaya’s experience in human development and change management has made her a great addition to the Edulution team. She is passionate about education, social entrepreneurship and community outreach initiatives. She has been actively involved in many start-up projects, particularly as the founder of Tukela Foundation School


Silver Star

Mulenga Mulenga Mwamba
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Mulenga was the coach in charge of our very successful Kasisi Village sites on the outskirts of Lusaka. She was sponsored by Pestalozzi from grade 5 till grade 12 and has recently graduated. She is a confident and determined young lady with a vision for change.

AubbreyAubbrey Chipepo is a teacher by profession. He is very enthusiastic about being a coach at Edulution. He believes that Edulution is a key to better learning systems. Moreover he loves working with people and changing their lives.

PatriciaPatricia Nyirongo is a silver star coach overseeing our centres at Children International Lusaka. She feels privileged to be part of the Edulution change tribe. She has always been fanatical about change and believes with Edulution the Zambian education system can be improved.

BenjaminBenjamin Phiri offers his dedication and commitment to helping Edulution reach it’s goal of assisting underprivileged youth in achieving maths proficiency. He is happy to be a part of the change tribe and to have learned many new techniques that have helped him lead his learners.

CharlesCharles Mtonga
PestalozziWorld Alumnus
Charles is ready to help bring education in Zambia to the next level. He likes that Edulution is unique and as a bronze star coach he is looking forward to each learner increasing their results in mathematics. Alone I cannot, but together, we can!

DabwitsoDabwitso Mweemba
PestalozziWorld Alumnus
Dabwitso is a bronze star coach with dreams of becoming a technology expert on the Hub. He loves working with children and witnessing them understand maths in a new capacity with Edulution. He also has a passion for photography and dance.

JosephJoseph Kumwenda
PestalozziWorld Alumnus
Joseph is a young, bold person who loves technology and coaching for Edulution. As a graduate from Pestalozzi Eductaion Centre in 2015, Joseph is encouraged by the experience he will gain from working with Edulution. He has some innovative ideas about technology and is looking forward to sharing them with his fellow coaches.

LevyLevy Mbewe
Children International Alumnus
Levy’s great passion for modern technology directed him straight to the Edulution team and has made him an excellent fit. He hopes that he will gain even more experience working with technology that will assist him in a bright future. He is enthusiastic about passing on this knowledge onto the students he interacts with through Children International’s programs daily.

SarahSarah Chiteta
Children International Alumna
Sarah completed her secondary education in 2013. She believes that Edulution is helping to make the world a better place for everyone by changing how we learn. She sees herself as an entrepreneur encouraged to assist those who need help especially the younger population in Zambia who have a great ability to improve in their foundational maths skills.

ThomasThomas Mwale
PestalozziWorld Alumnus
Thomas is from Lundazi District of Zambia and enjoys the challenge that Edulution gives him. He has learned to improve his communication and facilitation skills and looks forward to growing with his coach colleagues at the satellite centre in Luangwa.

Bronze Star

EstherEsther Tembo
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Esther is the coach in charge at Pestalozzi Education Centre, Ibex Hill, Lusaka. She is passionate about community development and loves enabling people to achieve their potential. Having come from a disadvantaged background herself, she wants to give opportunity to those that have been given fewer chances in life.

ChisomoChisomo Mbewe is a teacher and he loves working with children. He is proud to be part of the Edulution family as a bronze star coach. He plans on assisting children to enhance their computer and mathematics skills through the program.

AstridahAstridah Nambela
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Astridah is an adventurous bronze star coach at our Kasisi Centre who loves working with kids. She sees working with Edulution as a privilege that will allow her to grow her maths skills, even as a high school graduate. She is eager to give all her efforts so that others will benefit from this great program.

MirriamMirriam Kalumba
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Mirriam graduated from Pestalozzi Education Centre as the school’s head girl. She achieved this position due to her hard work and leadership qualities which she plans to attribute to her position as a bronze star coach. She is excited about learning and sharing new technologies with her fellow Zambians, especially those who have come from rural parts of the country.

AngelaAngela Mphande
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Edulution has taugt Angela how to love maths once again! She is from the Luangwa area and as an Edulution coach, she promises to put all her efforts into seeing the change tribe grow. For Angela, working with the Luangwa children is her favourite part.

BlessingsBlessings Nyrienda
Family Legacy Alumna
Blessings is from Kanyama site-in-service within Lusaka. It would be a dream come true for her to see Edulution grow worldwide. She likes working with Edulution because it allows her to interact with children and make a difference in their lives.

BrilliantBrilliant Muyunda
Children International Alumnus
Brilliant likes working with Edulution because he believes that we provide the best service for young people to understand difficult maths concepts. When he started with the tribe he was overwhelmed at the amount there was to learn, but he has since improved and looks forward to being the best coach he can be.

ChumaChuma Mwanza
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Chuma is enjoying learning new things everyday as a bronze star coach in Luangwa. Being a coach with Edulution meant she experienced a lot of ‘firsts’ – like facilitating children and grasping the technology. She strives to improve her learners scores on their baseline tests and therefore become an excellent coach.

DicksonDickson Simbeye
Children International Alumnus
Dickson was born and raised in Lusaka and has been enjoying improving and challenging his maths skills since graduating high school and working with Edulution. One of his goals is to add more fun and excitement to the Edulution sessions he facilitates; all work and no play is just too boring!

DeborahDeborah Mwendabai
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Deborah is from Luangwa and appreciates Edulution for the opportunity she has been given to be a coach. She promises not to let her learners or the change tribe down. She and her learners have big dreams for their futures and are grateful to Edulution for helping guide them to a brighter one.

ElinaElina Mtonga
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Elina comes from the Eastern Province of Zambia and has lived in Lusaka since she was 11 years old. She plans to offer Edulution a lot of hard work, and help it to grow worldwide. She loves that what we offer is not only educational but also fun!

JanetyJanety Lyambo
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Janety, a Pestalozzi Education Centre graduate from Luangwa, appreciates all she has learned from her senior coaches. She overcame many challenges to be where she is today and she is glad to be a part of a growing Edulution change tribe.

NtipaNtipa Chola
Children International Alumnus
From Kanyama community within Lusaka, Ntipa feels that working with Edulution has been a great experience thus far. He has learned to become a better facilitator, coach and a better person. He feels that the tablet technology we use assists our learners to aquire modern knowledge and better shapes their futures.

VivianVivian Musonda
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Vivian, a cheerful Pestalozzi Education Centre graduate, is far away from her home in Northern Province. She loves sharing her happy personality with her learners and watching them progress in the program. She hopes that Edulution’s sponsor and location partners are proud of the program’s success! She vows to put her best efforst forward while watching Edulution grow.

AliceAlice Lungu
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Alice was a Pestalozzi sponsored student who has been coaching in Luuangwa since mid-2016. She has realised that cooperation between learners, Hub and coaches is extremely important in delivering our program. She promises to bring her best efforts in helping her learners excel in maths.

AndrewAndrew Mtonga
Andrew started his Edulution journey as an assistant coach in Luangwa and is now a bronze star coach. He enjoys cheering on his learners to work hard to improve their maths skills. He likes Edulution because of the great reach and ability it has to change young people’s lives.

ThomasEnala Mususa
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Enala is a Pestalozzi graduate who appreciates the high quality of education she received and is putting it to good use. This has motivated her to give the same quality to her learners through her coaching. She can’t wait to watch them progress to the next level!

ThomasEsther Tembo
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Esther was born and raised in Luangwa. She is motivated to encourage her learners about the importance of learning maths’ foundations and being successful in the future. She has learned a lot since joining the tribe and her confidence in speaking in front of groups of people has certainly increased.

ThomasJane Changwe
Jane has become confident and independent since becoming a bronze star coach. She offers guidance and support to her learners as they embark on their own personal journeys to becoming self-directed. Jane is far from her home province (the Copperbelt) leading sessions in Luangwa!

ZepherZepher Mwanza
PestalozziWorld Alumna
enjoys reading books, making friends and watching movies; but more than anything, she enjoys being an Edulution Coach. She joined Edulution in order to help learners achieve understanding through technology. Zepher is a bronze star coach in Luangwa.

KalimampondoKalimampondo Beenefeels inspired to be a coach because of the great responsibility he has for helping others. Coaching helps him to better understand individual differences in his learners including personality, ability and sensitivity. Kalimampondo most likes the technology aspect of Edulution.

MemoryMemory Chileshe
PestalozziWorld Alumna
loves gaining new knowledge including all the coaching philosophies she has learned through her training as a bronze star coach. The thing she likes most about Edulution is the way it helps one (coaches and learners) become an independent person.

PriscillaPriscilla Kaluba
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Priscilla is from the Lundazi District in the Eastern Province in Zambia. Being a coach has helped her learn how to communicate with young people which was one of her weaknesses before she joined the tribe. She dedicates her discipline, commitment and respect to the Edulution team.

MaxwellMaxwell Munyungi
Children International Aluminus
is happy for the independence that Edulution has taught him as a Coach. He is hard working and feels challenged when trying to solve his own problems. Maxwell is a bronze star coach within Lusaka.

SibongileSibongile Ndhlovu
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Sibongile is from Lundazi District and after graduating Pestalozzi Education Centre and becoming an Edulution coach, she has returned to the community to give back! Sibongile feels that Edulution has simply made her unstoppable. She draws her inspiration from Edulution’s values which have enabled her to become independent and more cooperative.

SinthaniSinthani Ngulube
Children International Alumna
says that being an Edulution Coach is the best thing that has ever happened to her because she gets to bring out the best of her own abilities. She looks forward to watching her learners discover their own skills and talents throughout the program as she has.

RaphaelRaphael Nyasulu
PestalozziWorld Alumnus
hails from Lundazi in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Raphael believes that being an Edulution coach has helped him to identify his skills and strengths as well as give him confidence. Edulution has shaped his life and has helped pave the way for a bright future.

OliverOliver Syavwapa
Children International Alumnus
was born in the Southern Province of Zambia but came to live in Lusaka as a teenager. Oliver feels that Edulution has made a huge difference in his life including helping him feel more confident. Oliver has seen Edulution make a great impact on his learners and is sure there will be more school graduates in Zambia because of it.

AnthonyAnthony Phiri
PestalozziWorld Alumnus
loves learning and is certain that education has no limit! Anthony was born in the community where he is now coaching (Lundazi) and enjoys being able to finally give back to the youth in this area. He plans on assisting them with acquiring maths and computer literacy skills.

GladysGladys Mwale
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Gladys believes that Edulution has really changed how Zambia learns. It is her hope that all learners under Edulution will pass the maths section of the standardised exams in school. Gladys is a Pestalozzi Education Centre graduate hailing from Lundazi District in Eastern Province.

SarahSarah J Zimba
PestalozziWorld Alumna
Sarah graduated from Pestalozzi Education Centre in 2016. She coaches for Edulution because she loves it! Her vision is to ensure that Zambians improve in mathematics. She would love to see Edulution spread across the whole world.

MatthewsMatthews Tembo
is passionate about changing the lives of many, particularly children. After working for Children International for 2 years as a librarian, Matthews joined the Change Tribe. He believes that his skills of being self-motivated and an excellent problem solver have helped him to be a great coach.



Edulution has partnered with PestalozziWorld who have supported the research, development and testing of our projects in Zambia. They are both sponsor and location partners for several of our sites and have agreed to sponsor up to 3000 students a year. PestalozziWorld selects talented children from impoverished backgrounds in remote rural areas and refugee camps. They have operations in Zambia, India and Nepal. Their ‘head, heart and hands’ approach to education is an integral part to Edulution’s DNA.

Children International support more than 300,000 children  worldwide and is one of our location and sponsor partners in Lusaka, Zambia where they serve 17,000 people in poverty in some of the city’s poorest areas. As a location partner they offer their infrastructure, logistical support and pupils for our maths program at their 3 locations around the city. This mutually beneficial relationship allows us to focus on delivering effective education whilst Children International provide the site, organisation and pupils. Beginning in 2016 as a sponsor partner Children International also provides the support for even more children to be on the Edulution program.

Family Legacy
Family Legacy is a US faith-based organisation committed to making a difference in the lives of orphans in Zambia. Family Legacy manages 17 Legacy Academy schools across Lusaka sponsoring thousands of young girls and boys to school from Grades 1-12 in low income communities. Family Legacy is the location and sponsor partner for Academies in Bauleni, Chaisa, Kasangula, Mtendere and Chainda compounds where Edulution reaches approximately 1500 learners on the alpha and bravo foundational maths and literacy programs.

Family Legacy
Linda Open Community School was first opened in 1994. The purpose was to assist the most vulnerable population of Lusaka by providing primary school education. Currently, the school has 1,600 students and has reached educating children in the Secondary level. Edulution provides foundational maths services for approximately 600 learners from the school.

Family Legacy
In September 2009, Project Luangwa was founded and formed by the Safari Operators of South Luangwa National Park in the Eastern Province of Zambia. Their aim is to create an effective, coordinated approach to assisting local communities improve their economic prospects. They also aim to educate the community in reducing a negative impact on the environment and its wildlife. Edulution serves more than 900 learners on the foundational maths program from Mfuwe Primary and Secondary schools located less than 30 km from the entrance of the South Luangwa National Park.


KA Lite
JPMorgan Chase & Co is a leading financial services and technology firm that believes that technology can be used for social good and produce positive social impact. Via their Force For Good Programme, The technology community at JPMorgan volunteered their time and expertise to help develop innovative solutions to the some of technical challenges we face at Edulution. We are very grateful for the amazing work they produced, and it is already being incorporated into our existing systems

MTN became an Edulution sponsor in mid-2016 when they donated 22 routers, 44 smart phones and airtime and data, our communications platform is the backbone on which we operate. We use whatsapp and google drive for communications, we need modems for local networks for the classes and internet for our baseline testing. MTN Zambia reaches all 10 provinces with 4G and 3G networks. MTN is passionate and knows they have a big part to play in transforming Zambia and are proud to be part of the Edulution Change Tribe.

Qlik is a leader in providing platform solutions for data visualisation and analytics. They have provided Edulution with a free licence to use their software to visualize and explore information to generate deeper insights. This enables everyone in the organization to see the whole story that lives within our data and make better decisions. We believe that Qlik’s people, products and culture can help make the world a better place.

GIT are proud sponsors of Edulution and have provided a free license of its software to Edulution. GIT is an outstanding component based accounting software company who boast many international and prestigious brands as their clients. Michael Wray, the Founder of Edulution, used GIT for many years as a CFO in a previous corporate life. When he changed direction to focus on African Education GIT offered to help where they could best. Their software is going to enable many efficiencies for this project!

Coaches can now easily access their centres even when the distance is far from their homes. Jonny and Caroline Hulbert supported Edulution with a ‘Bike Fund’ which is used purchase bicycles and motorcycles. Coaches rent or lease-to-own bicycles which fits well with one of Edulution’s motto of ‘something for something, nothing for nothing’ and importantly means the fund will one day be self-sustaining.

KA Lite
Khan Academy Lite is an offline version of the Khan Academy that we have been using in Zambia. We work closely with the KA Lite team in San Diego, their focus on the software development and ours on the deployment in the field. Combining these two critical factors makes us capable of achieving effectiveness at scale.

Numeric in South Africa have been generous with their time and resources. Their experience and guidance at the beginning was invaluable.

So many others: Without mentioning specific names, there are so many other people that have contributed to getting Edulution to where it is today. You know who you are and we have thanked you personally. Your willingness to support this and give of your time and expertise has been over whelming. We will in return deliver on our promise!